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Name LOWMAN, Beatrice Annette "Betty" [CAREY]

Associated Records

Image of 2006.083.002 - Document

2006.083.002 - Document

Copy of paper on "The "Betty", a boat built by Bill Lowman as a high school project and named after his sister. The paper is written by Claudia Lowman-Miles in honor of her Aunt Betty's 92nd birthday. It includes excerpts from an oral history recorded of Bill Lowman conducted by Garry Cline.

Image of 2006.083.003 - Magazine

2006.083.003 - Magazine

Copy of magazine article titled "Inside Passage" by Vince Welch in Wend Magazine, Spring 2006, about Betty Lowman's canoe trip up the Inside Passage in 1937. The trip consisted of 66 days and 1,300 miles in her little canoe.

Image of 2006.083.004 - Newspaper article

2006.083.004 - Newspaper article

Two photocopies of newspaper articles regarding Betty Lowman's honored homecoming after rowing in a canoe from Anacortes, Washington to Ketchikan, Alaska. 02/26/2013, information received from Jacqueline Haddon-Bohn: "Betty Lowman's father built the sea wall where the old Samish Longhouse used to be on the west shore of Guemes Island...."

Image of 2010.052.005 - Book

2010.052.005 - Book

Book: Beginning Chemistry, By Gustav L. Fletcher, Herbert O. Smith and Benjamin Harrow, American Book Company,1929. Book used by Betty Lowman. Notes written on front cover and 1st page. 2 short articles glued to inside front cover.

Image of 2012.008.001-.002 - Book

2012.008.001-.002 - Book

.001 - Hardback book by Betty Lowman Carey, Edited by Neil G. Carey, "North to Alaska by Oar, BIJABOJI". Has cover jacket (2012.008.002). Back of jacket reads: "I sat unsteadily, spluttering as the churing tide rip washed over my sou-wester and up the sleeves of my oilskin jacket. Stunned, I tried to row with oars now floating free of their oarlocks. In desperation I braced my knees against BIJABOJI's sides and paddled with heavy arms until a heaving high-rolling wave flung me clear of the dugout. Both oars washed away into the darkness." "BIJABOJI is Betty's spirited account of her solo two-month journey by canoe to Alaska and through some of the most treacherous waters of the Inside Pass

Image of 2011.037.017 - Newspaper

2011.037.017 - Newspaper

Copy of The Daily News, Northern and Central British Columbia's Newspaper, Prince Rupert, B.C., Thursday, August 12, 1937. Paper highlights Betty Lowman's hectic experience in Douglas Channel. Article is titled: Girl Canoeist's Arduous Feat, Betty Lowman Rows Into Prince Rupert: Cast Up Three Days.

Image of 2011.037.030 - Journal

2011.037.030 - Journal

Seven typed pages regarding life and growing up on Guemes Island in journal form by Hattie Lopp Adams. Last page is informational page with notes that Betty Lowman Carey recorded this journal probably in the early 1940s and signed by Neil Carey. Envelope (2011.037.030. pg 10) is included and labeled: Mrs. Lopp of Guemes Island. By Betty Lowman Carey. People mentioned in the writing: Harriet "Hattie" Marie Lopp [Adams]; Mrs. Ann Wilson; Mrs. Will McCracken; Wooten; Jim Morrow; James Frank "Frank" Lopp; Leona Victoria Gibbons Lopp; Norman Eugene Lopp; Macgregor "Mack" Sylvester Lopp; George Kingston; Tom Gibbons; Charles Gibbons; Levy Stone; Gould; Jack Kidd; Blackington; Wood; Matthew

Image of 2011.037.032 - Records

2011.037.032 - Records

Eighteen pages of typed (carbon copies) notes pertaining to Anacortes or Guemes Island with dates ranging from August 19, 1910 to June 8, 1952, and 1953. Looks to be items for the local newspaper. Pg 1) Christian Endeavor Society: Mrs. P. E. Nelson, Miss Ella and Raymond Lowman, C. L. Judd; Clara Voitus; Rucker funeral: Will A. Lowman; Ships TORDANSKJOLD and BELFAST and S. S. UARDA; Gas explosion Deer Harbor, Orcas Island--Henry Cayou; Keesling Shipyard - CERES, SHEKAN, ALASKA CHIEF; Captain Ray Robinson - launch ECHO; Fidalgo State Quarry at Deception Pass (Convict Quarry) - Supt.. M. H. Gilliam; W.C.T.U. - Beatrice Lowman, The Rev. E. M. Calvin Pg 2) Pacific Fisherman - Will A. Lowma

Image of 2011.037.034 - Letter

2011.037.034 - Letter

Letter to Betty Lowman from Dwight C. Smith, Pastor of First Congregational Church, Bellingham, WA. October 19, 1938, regarding her speaking at their annual dinner and possibly singing "a number or two" and bring Alice Dunn with her.

Image of 2013.032 - Scrapbook

2013.032 - Scrapbook

Scrapbook compiled by Ann Cepernich, Anacortes High School class of 1932. It mainly contains newspaper clippings from the 1930s, as well as greeting cards and announcements. pg 1 - birthday card and article about a cabin in Index pg 2 - Father Treunet lighting the Easter candle pg 3 - articles on Dempsey, public health nursing, bachelor of science in nursing, a shower for Mrs. Gilbert Hull, and Marineers royalty flying to San Francisco pg 4 - poster of Snow White and the seven dwarfs pg 5 - articles on "Toast to Peace" and Women's Auxiliary to the Merchant Marine pg 6 - birthday cards and articles on Ann Cepernich and Geogianna Newland pg 7 - articles on a dan

Image of 2014.010.004 - Program

2014.010.004 - Program

The First Annual Convention of the United Fishermen's Union of the Pacific was held December 5-9, 1938, at the Eagles Hall in San Pedro, California. The photocopied program includes minutes, names of delegates (including Betty Ann Lowman and Henry Babarovich from Anacortes), and lists of resolutions (including one urging President Roosevelt to run for a third term).

Image of 2014.010.005 - Minutes

2014.010.005 - Minutes

United Fishermen's Union of the Pacific, Puget Sound District, met for the Northwest Conference beginning on November 28, 1938, at Fishermen's Hall, 84 Seneca Street, Seattle Washington. These six pages are the minutes from the first day and include election of officers, roll call (including Betty Lowman from Local #10), election of committees, officers' reports, communications, and committee reports.

Image of 2014.010.006 - Minutes

2014.010.006 - Minutes

The Second Annual Convention of the Federated Fishermen's Council was called to order on December 12, 1938, at Alaska Fishermen's Union Hall in San Francisco, California. Attendees from Anacortes included Henry Babarovich and Betty Lowman. One page of minutes is from December 12, the remaining 6 pages are from December 14. Several pages are devoted to reports from various delegates.

Image of 2008.061 - Canoe

2008.061 - Canoe

BIJABOJI is the dugout canoe rowed by Betty Lowman from Guemes Channel in Anacortes, WA to Ketchikan, Alaska during her 66-day solo adventure in 1937. It's red hull is 13' 10" long. It was hand-carved by Native artisan George Gibbs in 1930. The name on the bow was added by Neil Carey, who also glassed the hull. The seat is not the original. The oars and oarlocks did not come to the museum with the canoe. The oak ribs orginally installed by Bill Lowman were replaced by Neil with cedar ribs. Her book "North to Alaska by Oar, BIJABOJI", written by Betty Lowman Carey and edited by Neil G. Carey in 2004, can be found in the Museum research library.

Image of 2011.037.020.001-.010 - Patch

2011.037.020.001-.010 - Patch

Ten athletic school patches and letters from Anacortes High School belonging to Betty Lowman. .001) "A" letter .002) "A" letter w/tennis racket on it handle to right .003) "A" letter w/tennis racket on it handle to left .004) "A" with letters "G A C" "30" (for 1930) .005) GAC emblem .006) Basketball shaped w/ "A" and year 28 (1928) .007) Purple with A on it .008) Red w/black border "L" for Lowman .009) Smaller version of #8, red w/black border "L" for Lowman .010) Oval w/ SEA HAWK on bottom edge under the SeaHawk

Image of 2003.090.008 -

2003.090.008 -

Lowman family: Center: Wm. H. Perry and grandson, Jimmy Lowman (7). Circled around Mr. Perry and Jimmy are (l to r) Bob (11), Betty (17), Bill (almost 16), Jean (Perry) Lowman (41), Jack (almost 14) and Ray Lowman (41).

Image of 2006.083.005 - "Conquering Heroine"

2006.083.005 - "Conquering Heroine"

Three minute video of Metronome Newsreel of Betty's "Conquering Heroine" welcome in Anacortes, Washington honoring her return from rowing to Ketchikan, Alaska from Anacortes, Washington. - Video Tape

Image of 2009.008.007 - Bill and Betty Lowman

2009.008.007 - Bill and Betty Lowman

Betty and Bill Lowman on unidentified waterfront.

Image of 2009.008.009 - Jack, Bob, Bill, and Betty Lowman atop the "Ref"

2009.008.009 - Jack, Bob, Bill, and Betty Lowman atop the "Ref"

Jack, Bob, Bill, and Betty Lowman atop the REF, one of Will A. Lowman's cannery boats.

Image of 2009.008.010 - Bill and Betty Lowman

2009.008.010 - Bill and Betty Lowman

Childhood photo of Bill and Betty Lowman.