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Name TRULSON, Harold Carl

Associated Records

Image of 2008.067.020.001-.002 - Booklet

2008.067.020.001-.002 - Booklet

.002) Handwritten Civics class essay by Harold Trulson in his senior year of high school, dated April 29, 1930. The essay attached into the gray/black construction paper folder is entitled: "City of Anacortes" with a grade of "B-" by teacher, Miss Church. .001) The next essay, 3 pages in length, is not attached to the binder, but is just loose, is entitled "The United States Naval Academy" which earned a grade of "B".

Image of 2010.009.027.001-.002 - Card, Membership

2010.009.027.001-.002 - Card, Membership

.001) Membership card for "Anacortes Chamber of Commerce, Anacortes, Washington, This is to Certify that H. C. Trulson of Trulson Motor Company Is a member in good standing and has paid dues until June 30, 1955, Dated 20 day of July 1954" and is signed by G. C. Woodland, Manager. (Harold C. Trulson) .002) same as .001 but is issued to H. L. Trulson (Herman L. Trulson)

Image of 2010.006.002 - Scrapbook

2010.006.002 - Scrapbook

Rotary Club of Anacortes scrapbook documenting the efforts to raise money for the Fidalgo Pool by having a White Elephant Auction. Proceeds were in the amount of $470.28 for the auction plus another $ 777.70 for a truck that was donated . The club was supportive of the community needing a place for youth to learn to swim. Photos were taken by Paul Luvera.

Image of 2010.066.002 - Scrapbook

2010.066.002 - Scrapbook

Ivory Scrapbook compiled by the Rotary Club regarding their effort to have a fundraising "White Elephant Auction" to help with building a swimming pool in Anacortes. The scrapbook includes pertinent newspaper clippings, copies of letters and photographs, documenting the efforts to build a community pool. The Fidalgo Pool and Fitness Center is located at 1603 - 22nd Avenue. The pool was built in 1971-1972 NOTE: There are 17 photographs in this scrapbook and 12 negatives which have been numbered from 2010.066.002 img01 through 2010.066.002 img21and can be found entered into this database under their own numbers following this entry. the negatives include photos #1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10,

Image of 2010.009.037.003 - Hat

2010.009.037.003 - Hat

Tatted ivory baby christening hat. Worn by Harold Trulson. Appears to be handmade by probably Emma Trulson

Image of 2010.009.031 - Romper

2010.009.031 - Romper

Hand-made child's romper. White with hand embroidered flowers (one pink, one white), butterfly and appliqued pink rabbit. Belonged to Harold Trulson.

Image of 2010.009.032 - Pillowcase

2010.009.032 - Pillowcase

White pillow case with ruffle around 3 sides. Bottom of ruffle has tatting which can also be found across the case in a "stripe" 13" x 3.5". Case was handmade by Emma Trulson, for her son Harold Trulson.

Image of 2010.009.033 - Pillowcase

2010.009.033 - Pillowcase

White pillow case with scalloped edging on 2 sides. Edge of scallops are machine embroidered; across face are embroidered flowers and leaves.

Image of 2010.009.034 - Scarf, Bureau

2010.009.034 - Scarf, Bureau

Hand embroidered dresser/table scarf. Has flowers in red, blue and yellow. light blue ribbon holds 7 flowers together (x2) total of 18 flowers. Embroidery by Emma Trulson.

Image of 2010.009.035 - Scarf, Bureau

2010.009.035 - Scarf, Bureau

Hand embroidered dresser/table scarf. Has yellow and blud flowers in a purple basket (x2). Embroidery by Emma Trulson.

Image of 2010.009.037.001 - Gown, Baptismal

2010.009.037.001 - Gown, Baptismal

Handmade christening/baptismal gown. Ornate hand embroidered and tatted on skit of gown. Two tiny buttons with buttonholes at upper bodice back for closure. Brown staining on upper left front bodice and left shoulder back. neckline has been taken in for smaller fit. Perhaps this down was worn by more than one baby other than Harold Trulson.

Image of 2010.009.037.002 - Bloomers

2010.009.037.002 - Bloomers

Handmade bloomers to go with the christening/baptismal gown (2010.009.037.001). Hand tatted lace on hem of each leg. waistline has 6 total buttonholes for attachment; possibly there was a ribbon woven through the holes to tie around the baby's waist. Perhaps these bloomers were worn by more than one baby other than Harold Trulson.

Image of 2010.009.038 - Shorts

2010.009.038 - Shorts

Handmade black and white houndstooth child's shorts. Four verticle buttonholes in waist, front and back to attach to a shirt or perhaps weave a ribbon or tie through to hold shorts up. Machine stitched except buttonholes are hand stitched. Made by Emma Trulson for her son, Harold Trulson.

Image of 2006.085.011.001-.002 - 2006.085.011

2006.085.011.001-.002 - 2006.085.011

.001) Anacortes High School coaches for the year of 1929; taken outside with scoreboard in the background. Names are hand written on the back: Harold Trulson, Manager; Adolph "Swede" Lindquist, line coach; Harold "Pop" Keeney, headcoach, Jay Dishnow, Assistant Coach, and Chuck Kidder, manager. .002) Also is a photocopy of a clipping from the ANACORTES AMERICAN, with names printed at the bottom of the picture.

Image of WF 1755 - Lions Club at Washington State Convention

WF 1755 - Lions Club at Washington State Convention

This photo was taken at the Washington State Lions Convention in Spokane. These seven men won a gag contest of who could build an outhouse the fastest. The men standing in the back row all are nicely dressed and wear hard hats that say, "Anacortes"; the three men in front are disheveled and holding tools. Front, left to right: Ernie Brazas, Harold Trulson, Orville Wilmont. Back row, left to right: Vernon Moore, Dr. Ed Dodge (Anacortes optometrist). The last two are unknown. The Anacortes Lions Club was chartered on January 7, 1937, primarily by young men in the community who wanted an alternative to the older fraternal organizations (Elks, Eagles, Oddfellows) that were more for "the old timer

Image of WF 1757.A,B - Lions Club carousel - 1937 Marineer Pageant

WF 1757.A,B - Lions Club carousel - 1937 Marineer Pageant

This carousel at an unknown location was sponsored by the Anacortes Lions Club during the Anacortes Marineers' Pageant; the pageant began the same year as the club's charter. Club members sit and stand in front of the carousel. Front row, right to left: Orville Wilmont, Gilbert Hull, Harold Trulson, unknown, Ernie Brazas, unknown, Ernie Hillren, Alphonse Brazas, unknown, unknown, Dr. Lawrence Nicholson (dentist), and three unknowns. Back row: Fred Cartwright (Anacortes banker) stands fifth from right. Edward Schwartz, Anacortes civic leader, is the third man from left side in rear, with a merry-go-round horse over his shoulder. The identification was by Margaret Hull. The Anacortes Lions Clu

Image of WF 2669 - AHS football staff of 1929

WF 2669 - AHS football staff of 1929

The 1929 football coaching staff is shown on the Anacortes High School football field. From left to right: Chuck Kidder (manager), Jay Dishnow (assistant coach), Harold "Pop" Keeney (head coach), Adolph "Swede" Lindquist (assistant coach), and Harold Trulson (manager). Lindquist died on 1-28-1996; his obituary was in the 2-7-1996 ANACORTES AMERICAN. The photo was published in the 1930 annual, p. 53.

Image of WF 2755 - Class of 1930, as juniors

WF 2755 - Class of 1930, as juniors

Anacortes High School, class of 1930, juniors are posed on the bleachers of the football field. This image was published in the 1929 annual on page 26. The names are listed alphabetically, but probably that is not the order in which they are seated. Class officers were Richard Butler, President, Phyllis Black, Vice-President, and George Kenney, Treasurer. Girls: ANDERSON, Maralta, ARGES, Margaret, BARNEY, Dorothy, BAXTER, Norene, BLACK, Phyllis, BLAKE, Helen, BLAKE, Marjorie, BLISS, Coral, BRAZAS, Adeline, BROWN, Mary Louise, CHITWOOD, Helen, COFFELT, Florence, CROWDER, Eva, DAVIS, Maxine, DEXTER, Myrtle, EATON, Alta, FLETCHER, Doris, FLOCKENHAGEN, Vera, GURNEY, Phyllis, HARTMANN, Lucil

Image of WF 2987 - 1930 high school second basketball team

WF 2987 - 1930 high school second basketball team

This photo of the Anacortes High School second basketball team was published in the 1930 annual on page 58. The team was coached by Jay Dishnow and won the Class A county championship. Left to right: DISHNOW, Jay (coach), ROGERS, Rex (manager), NEELY, VERRALL, Rudy, KIDDER, Charles, MEANS, Louis, LeMAISTER, Gene, TRULSON, Harold, KEEPERS, LeRoy, SMITH, Herschel, JENSEN, Walter, McCALLUM, Winston.

Image of WF 3061 - high school basketball

WF 3061 - high school basketball

The Anacortes High School second basketball team of 1929 was coached by Jay Dishnow. This image was published in the 1929 annual on page 41. Standing: manager WILLIAMS, Harold, TRULSON, Harold, MEANS, Louis, MOORE, Shorty, LeMAISTER, Eugene, VERRALL, Raymond, coach DISHNOW, Jay Kneeling: KASCH, Joe, McCALLUM, Winston, JENSEN, Walter, OLSON, Howard Not pictured: SMITH, Herschel