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Name 1968

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Image of B.IX.013 - Yearbook

B.IX.013 - Yearbook

1968 Anacortes High School annual, the Rhododendron

Image of 2004.016.006 - Yearbook

2004.016.006 - Yearbook

Anacortes High School (AHS) yearbook/annual, Rhododendron. 1968

Image of 2007.080.001 - Scrapbook

2007.080.001 - Scrapbook

Aqua scrapbook containing newspaper clippings, programs, membership cards and a couple of photos pertaining to the ACT theatre.

Image of 2005.101.002 - Booklet

2005.101.002 - Booklet

City of Anacortes 1968 Annual report, 8.5" x 11" with plastic spiral binding; introduces and discusses services provided by the city using text, black and white photos, and charts.

Image of 2013.029.014 - Yearbook

2013.029.014 - Yearbook

Anacortes High School 1968 RHODODENDRON (annual) Superintendent: Milton Snyder Principal: Charles Williams Class of 1968 officers: President: Kirt Hardenbrook Vice President: Brad Palmer Secretary: Rhonda Gillespie Representative: Patty MacKenzie Class of 1969 officers: President: Bruce Colley Vice President: Ken Crawford Secretary: Sue McKinnon Representative: not listed Class of 1970 officers: President: Gene Ferrario Vice President: Debbie Brill Secretary: Kay Williams Representative: Karen Dansingberg

Image of 2015.011.001 - Ticket, Admission

2015.011.001 - Ticket, Admission

Tablet/pad of 99 Gate Passes to the Circus Drive-in Theatre in Anacortes, located at 629 S. March Point Road, Route 2, Anacortes, WA 98221. The drive-in theatre was in business from c.1966 to c.1985. Pass states: "Circus Drive-in Theatre near Anacortes * CY3-6300 Gate Pass, Please extend the courtesies of the house to bearer. Admits driver when accompanied by one or more paid admissions. Good for one admission only. This pass subject to charge of 25 cents, which includes all tax, if any. subject to 25 cent charge per person when used on "BUCK" nites. Admit Driver - Good any nite- Present at Box Office"

Image of 2013.077.377 - Article

2013.077.377 - Article

On Saturday, July 27, 1968, the SKAGIT VALLEY HERALD ran a photo and caption of Paul Luvera, Sr., meeting with Commander Robert A. Vessey, left, and Lt. E. Gene Trumbly of the U.S.S. PUGET SOUND. The destroyer tender was scheduled to visit Anacortes on her maiden voyage during the Anacortes Arts and Crafts Festival, arriving on Saturday, August 3, 1968. She carried a crew of 1100 men and 35 officers.

Image of 2015.108.004 - Yearbook

2015.108.004 - Yearbook

Anacortes High School Yearbook/annual, Rhododendron - 1968

Image of 2017.021.014 - Yearbook

2017.021.014 - Yearbook

1968 Rhododendron annual from Anacortes High School. From the collection of Neola Lower. Mrs. Lower appears to have joined the staff of Anacortes High School in 1959 as a teacher of English and Journalism. By 1961 she was a guidance counselor. During her career she was active with school drama.

Image of 2009.023.008 - Plaque

2009.023.008 - Plaque

This green plaque was presented to the W.T. PRESTON and reads: Participant Shilshole Seafair Marine Parade 1968

Image of 1995.011.010.001 - Gavel

1995.011.010.001 - Gavel

"American War Mothers" gavel made by Mable Good's son, Clinton Simon. Mrs. Good was State President of American War Mothers group, 1967-1969. Gavel handle is silver metal with blue "lucite" lower 1/2 of handle. Head is made of clear and while "lucite" type material. One end of the head reads: "American War Mothers" in red with their symbol; the other end of the head reads: "Mable Good, State President, 1967-1969" also in red type.

Image of 2002.024 - Newspaper-Anacortes American

2002.024 - Newspaper-Anacortes American

Anacortes American, American Bulletin and Anacortes Reporter newspapers from 1911 through 1999 received from Anacortes Public Library. Missing Anacortes Americans for 1934-1938, 1945, 1962 and 1974; only partial collection of 1951 and 1955. Anacortes American and American Bulletin 1911 one box 1912 one box 1913 one box 1914 one box and one bound volume 1915 one bound volume 1916 one bound volume 1917 one box and one bound volume 1918 one box and one bound volume 1919 one box and one bound volume 1920 two bound volumes 1921 two

Image of 2006.057.004 - 2006.057.004

2006.057.004 - 2006.057.004

B/W class photo of Island View students, grade 6, Mr. Corbin, 1968-1969.

Image of 2006.056.003 - 2006.056.003

2006.056.003 - 2006.056.003

Black and white photocopy of Whitney Elementary class photo, Grade 6, Mr. Walline.

Image of 2010.009.017 - Anacortes High School football team, 1950's

2010.009.017 - Anacortes High School football team, 1950's

AHS (Anacortes High School) football team, fall of 1967. Front row: #62, Phil Hammond (class of 1968); #66, Mike Lowry ("Best blocker and tackler"; named to the northwest league 1967-1968; class of 1969); #23 Chuck Carr (class of 1968; named to the northwest league honorable mention); #15 Jim Fors (class of 1969); #32 Mark Carabba (most inspirational; named to the northwest league honorable mention; class of 1968); #83 Lyle McIntosh (team captain; class of 1968); #16 Dave Nicol (northwest league honorable mention); #24, Rich Lowe (4th row, 2nd from left, class of 1968); #20 Dan Walline (4th row , 4th from left, class of 1968); #74 Mike Morganthaler (row 5, center; "most improved player; cl

Image of 2010.009.021 - Mt Erie School 1967-1968 4th Grade

2010.009.021 - Mt Erie School 1967-1968 4th Grade

Mt. Erie Elementary, 1967-1968 Grade 4, (Mrs. Trulson, teacher) 22 students. Classmates are unidentified in this photograph.

Image of 2013.023.019 - Anacortes High School band, 1968

2013.023.019 - Anacortes High School band, 1968

Anacortes High School band, 1968. This image was taken in the gymnasium, probably before a concert judging by the clothes. The director was Mr. Bill Love. The 1968 annual does not include the names of the students or this photo.

Image of 2014.005.001 - AHS Catholic graduates c. 1968

2014.005.001 - AHS Catholic graduates c. 1968

Catholic Anacortes High School graduates from c. 1968 are pictured in their caps and gowns at St. Mary Church, 1202 7th Street. Bottom far left: Randy Chiabai Bottom far right: ______ Bockenkamp Top row, 2nd right: Pete Maricich Top row, 3rd right: Robyn Lunsford

Image of WF 6427 - St. Mary Catholic Church - c.1968

WF 6427 - St. Mary Catholic Church - c.1968

St.Mary Catholic Church - c.1968 Architect's drawing of "St. Mary School and Convent" for new site of church, west of Grandview Cemetery. Building was completed in 1969 but never used as school or convent: its purpose became the "pastoral center". [1p], c.1968.

Image of WF 6457.001-.003 - Nelson Home - c.1950

WF 6457.001-.003 - Nelson Home - c.1950

Noah A. Nelson Home - c.1950. Noah A. and Catherine Nelson built this nine room Queen Anne style Victorian era house -- it may be the Noah Nelson home mentioned in the Oct. 24 1885 Northwest Enterprise (lumber had been delivered for its construction). Here the Nelsons raised their 11 children. The Nelson family (and the 1955 city phone directory) gave the home address as 2205 S Avenue, but it has also been cited as at 2205 T Avenue. The 'Nelson Addition' in Anacortes is named for Noah A. and Catherine Nelson, who came to Fidalgo Island from Minnesota in 1882. They purchased 100 acres and, two years later, donated property and materials for a one-room schoolhouse that opened in May 1885. Th