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Name Anacortes Lumber & Box Co.

Associated Records

Image of 2006.042.005 - Letter

2006.042.005 - Letter

Poor copy of letter from J. H. Rogers, Superintendent of Anacortes Lumber & Box Company. Said letter is a recommendation regarding the work of Fred Ackerman as a worker in their filing department. It is from page 12 of "Rhoda's Scrapbook" (Rhoda E. Livingston), as compiled by her daughter-in-law Dolores Ackerman shortly after Rhoda's death in 1983, Everett , Washington. (Information from John L. Mattson)

Image of 2008.016 - Records

2008.016 - Records

Contractor's logbook, "The Contractor's Searchlight." Anacortes Lumber & Box Co. information on front cover (brown). 112 pages, Compiled by M.M. Ferguson, Des Moines, IA. Record books were used when making an estimate on a job. Information is provide in tables such as number of square yards and feet in rooms with different height ceilings. Record sheets for keeping track of estimates are in the center of book.

Image of E.IV.063.005 - Map

E.IV.063.005 - Map

Anacortes Sanborn Map #5 was published in November 1907. Its main components are schematic drawings of Fidalgo Lumber and Box Company's saw and planing mill and Anacortes Lumber and Box Company's planked wharf and lumber yard.

Image of 2003.101.011 - Block, Concrete

2003.101.011 - Block, Concrete

One piece of Anacortes Lumber and Box smokestack, with white and red paint from the maritime signals, which were painted on the top 1/2 of the stack. Stack was demolished February 3, 1999. Located east side of 200 block of T Avenue.

Image of 2014.015 - Board

2014.015 - Board

A rough cut board from Anacortes Lumber and Box was found c. 1995 in two pieces in the attic of Bill Bean's house at Dewey Beach. The two pieces, each 10-12.75 x 50.25 were glued together by the donor before they were given to the museum. Anacortes Lumber and Box was in business from c. 1904 - 1941 at 3rd and R Avenue. The mill was built on the original site of the Bowman Mill, constructed in 1890 at the foot of Cap Sante. In 1902, the Great Northern Mill opened on the Bowman site but closed the following year. In 1904, a third mill, Anacortes Lumber and Box, arose at the site. The March 18, 1909, ANACORTES AMERICAN reported, "Improvements at Local Lumber Mill. Anacortes Lumber and Box b

Image of 1997.363 - After deck lounge space

1997.363 - After deck lounge space

After deck lounge space on the CITY OF ANACORTES. Anacortes Lumber and Box is visible in the background.

Image of 1994.019.003.023 - Anacortes Lumber & Box Mill after fire

1994.019.003.023 - Anacortes Lumber & Box Mill after fire

Anacortes Lumber and Box Company sustained a sawmill fire on February 23, 1938. The Mt. Vernon Fire Department responded to the call for aid and made the 18 miles in record time. The mill was able to re-open in July 1940, but a devastating fire on Julne 25, 1941, closed the mill permanently.

Image of 2000.057.029 - Anacortes Lumber and Box

2000.057.029 - Anacortes Lumber and Box

Anacortes Industry on the Waterfront. Good view of Anacortes Lumber & Box Co. From Bill Lowman collection.

Image of 2003.080 -

2003.080 -

Aerial view of Anacortes Lumber & Box Co. 4th and waterfront) to Commercial Avenue, along Guemes Channel. Marked P-1209.

Image of WF 2231 - Baseball players from various teams

WF 2231 - Baseball players from various teams

This image of baseball players from various Anacortes teams. From the different uniforms, the following teams are represented: Anacortes town team, Anacortes Lumber & Box, American Legion Post 13. Baseball appeared early on Fidalgo Island. A form of the game was played in the 1820s with the first formal rules established in 1845. By 1875 it was being played in Whatcom County, which at that time included Skagit County. On 8-3-1889 the ANACORTES PROGRESS reported on a baseball game at Anacortes. By the following year, with the boom of the town, several baseball clubs had been formed, including an Indian club which found that the ball field afforded them one of the few areas where they could

Image of D.V.114 - Anacortes Lumber and Box Co.

D.V.114 - Anacortes Lumber and Box Co.

Photo found in the ANACORTES AMERICAN on March 4, 1909. The caption reads: "Plant of the Anacortes Lumber & Box Company, Sawmill, Planing Mill and Largest Box Factory on the Pacific Coast, Employing 150 men." View of Anacortes Lumber & Box Company, looking northeast toward mill and Guemes Island. Mill was in business from c. 1904-1941 at 3rd and R Avenue. The mill was built on the original site of the Bowman Mill, constructed in 1890 at the foot of Cap Sante. In 1902 the Great Northern Mill opened on the Bowman Mill site but closed the following year. (See WF 0496.) In 1904 a third mill arose at the site: Anacortes Lumber & Box. The ANACORTES AMERICAN reported on 3-18-1909, "Improvement

Image of WF 0098 -

WF 0098 -

View of Anacortes from Guemes Island. Photo dates to post-1904 by inclusion of McNaught Building on Commercial Avenue; building was moved there from 8th and I in 1904. Excellent view of Cap Sante and the development south of downtown Anacortes. Structures include the McNaught Building, 419 Commercial (right of center), Anacortes Hotel (part way up hill in right quarter), Columbian School (2/3 up the hill just right of center), Huntoon Building (near water on right), and canneries along Guemes Channel. A steamship is visible at Ocean Dock in front of the Taylor Hotel at the foot of Commercial Avenue. Anacortes Lumber & Box smokestack also is visible at center. The II.O.O.F. /Opera House is to

Image of D.VI.064 -

D.VI.064 -

Mill employees at the "Anacortes Lumber & Box.

Image of WF 0101 -

WF 0101 -

This is an excellent view of the northern edge of Anacortes on the Guemes Channel. View looks to SW. Structures visible from left to right are: Anacortes Lumber & Box, Vendome Hotel, McNaught Building, Rickaby Float (?), Anacortes Hotel, Hotel Taylor, docks at the foot of Commercial, canneries, and the Huntoon Building. This is a great view of boat activity on Anacortes' shores; it probably includes the Rickaby Float in the center which he built in 1913.

Image of WF 0178 -

WF 0178 -

Anacortes' City Float was located at the foot of Q Avenue where it met the Guemes Channel. Cap Sante is visible in background at right; the Anacortes Lumber & Box (in business from 1904-1941) dock is visible at far left. Harry Rickaby's boathouse and the Guemes Ferry float may be seen in the immediate right foreground. Rickaby, a native of England who came to Fidalgo Island in 1882 (W. H. Burdon of March's Point was his uncle) was in business at the City Float location as early as 1893. The 8-3-1893, ANACORTES AMERICAN reported, "Mr. Rickaby of this city, before coming to America was for six months employed on the war ship VICTORIA, lost recently in the Mediterranean. Mr. Rickaby and Lindsay

Image of WF 0280.A,B -

WF 0280.A,B -

This wedding was part of an elaborate July 4, 1912, celebration in Anacortes. Howell Morrison and Alice Naidene Lanterman were married on Saturday night, July 6th, by the Rev. W. A. Stevenson of Bellingham. "Public Wedding Attracts Many." "Wild cheers greeted the coming of the bridal party and the crowds who had waited patiently in the fine rain for over an hour lifted up a joyous yell that could be heard the other end of town when knot was tied. Attending the bridal party were Mrs. Morrison, mother of the groom, and Mr. and Mrs. Lanterman, parents of the bride. The young happy pair settled down to housekeeping after a brief trip to Bellingham." Charlotte Morrison and Martin Pardis were witn

Image of 2005.093.008 -

2005.093.008 -

Photocopy of sepia print showing millions of feet of lumber in yard of Anacortes Lumber & Box Co.

Image of WF 1247.001 -

WF 1247.001 -

Rare view of south side of Anacortes from the hillside above current Route SR 20 Spur as it enters town from the east. Good view of homes, gardens, and mill row along western edge of Fidalgo Bay, which became the city's Urban Renewal area. Cap Sante is visible at upper right corner of image. Mill row is visible at the upper right center of the photograph and all three mill stacks from major mills at this time may be seen. The first mill stack in foreground is that of Coos Bay Pulp Mill. Just behind it and slightly to the left is the Morrison Mill smokestack [the last one left standing in this former industrial hub of Anacortes: it was demolished in March 2001 following the Nisqua

Image of 2005.093.007 - 2005.093.007

2005.093.007 - 2005.093.007

Photocopy of sepia print of log boom at Anacortes Lumber & Box Company of Anacortes.

Image of WF 0477 - Anacortes Lumber and Box

WF 0477 - Anacortes Lumber and Box

Anacortes Lumber & Box --- View of log boom and Anacortes Lumber & Box Company mill. Mill was in business from 1905-1941 at 3rd to 5th and between R, S. T and U Avenues. The office was located at 3rd and R Avenue. The mill was built on the original site of the Bowman Mill, constructed in 1882 at the foot of Cap Sante. Note number on lower right corner, C-2739, indicating professional photographer who also apparently took WF 0478. For distant view of dock, see WF 0500. At this location was: Bowman Mill, 1882-c.1891, T Avenue & 3rd Street; Anacortes Sawmill-1892-c1895; Stome & Ronneberger Mill (shingle), 1901-c1903; and Great Northern Lumber Co. c1903-1905.