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Image of 1997.008.001 - Yearbook

1997.008.001 - Yearbook

Anacortes High School Yearbook/annual - 1950 "Rhododendron"

Image of 1997.008.002 - Yearbook

1997.008.002 - Yearbook

Anacortes High School Yearbook/annual - 1951 "Rhododendron"

Image of 2005.049.001 - Yearbook

2005.049.001 - Yearbook

1910 Rhododendron, (AHS) Anacortes High School yearbook/annual; off white cover with floral decoration. Signed by Lloyd Foster.

Image of 2005.049.002 - Yearbook

2005.049.002 - Yearbook

1920 Rhododendron, (AHS) Anacortes High School yearbook/annual. Grey cover with AHS printed vertically on left hand side.

Image of 2000.003.001 - Yearbook

2000.003.001 - Yearbook

Anacortes High School Yearbook/annual, Rhododendron - 1981 w/seahawk head on cover

Image of 2005.049.004 - Yearbook

2005.049.004 - Yearbook

1928 Rhododendron (AHS) Anacortes High School yearbook/annual; brown cover with working waterfront scene.

Image of 2005.049.005 - Yearbook

2005.049.005 - Yearbook

1932 Rhododendron, (AHS) Anacortes High School yearbook/annual; blue cover with diving hawk. Includes autographs.

Image of 1999.031.001 - Book

1999.031.001 - Book

Anacortes High School Yearbook/annual, Rhododendron - 1924

Image of 2006.085.002 - Yearbook

2006.085.002 - Yearbook

Anacortes High School (AHS) yearbook/annual: Rhododendron 1933. It contains twenty four pages of black and white photos on cream colored paper along with pertinent school articles. The cover is a reddish brown color with silver printing and trim.

Image of 2005.068.006 - Yearbook

2005.068.006 - Yearbook

1925 Rhododendron, AHS (Anacortes High School) yearbook/annual, with blue cover; includes autographs.

Image of 2005.068.007 - Yearbook

2005.068.007 - Yearbook

1926 Rhododendron, Anacortes High School (AHS) yearbook/annual; includes autographs.

Image of 2000.003.002 - Yearbook

2000.003.002 - Yearbook

"RHODODENDRON 1982". AHS yearbook/annual. Random photos include: Student Body Pres, Bob Knorr; Sr Class Pres, Scott Urstad; Jr Class Pres, Nancy Tiland; Soph Class Pres,Bob Vaux; Freshman Class Pres, Desmond O'Connell; also sports, clubs, activities, etc.

Image of 2000.003.003 - Yearbook

2000.003.003 - Yearbook

1985 AHS yearbook/annual; Rhododendron 1910-1985 Diamond Edition", imprinted on lower rt corner=Skagit County Sheriff. Embossed is a landing Sea Hawk w/spread wings. Some photos include student body Pres, Dick Freier; Jr Class Pres, Alen Brown; Soph Class Pres, Peter Mayer; Freshman Class Pres, Heather Fox; as well as sports, clubs, activities, etc.

Image of 2000.003.004 - Yearbook

2000.003.004 - Yearbook

AHS yearbook/annual - Rhododendron. Dark purple cover, silver lettering "Reflections" The year "1990" is written 12 times in a circle forming a "Rhododendron" around a sketch of the flower. Spine reads "Anacortes High School 1990 Vol 80". Some photos include student body Pres, Jeremy McKinley; Jr Class Pres, Elisabeth Ford; Soph Class Pres, Ryan Moore; Freshman Class Pres, Anna Malin; as well as sports, clubs, activities, etc.

Image of 2000.003.005 - Yearbook

2000.003.005 - Yearbook

AHS yearbook/annual "Rhododendron" "Deja Vu" - 1991 Spine reads "Anacortes High School Vol 81". Some photos include Valedictorian, Claire Vandersluis; Salutatorian, Sara Skelton; as well as sports, clubs, activities, etc.

Image of 2000.003.006 - Yearbook

2000.003.006 - Yearbook

AHS yearbook/annual; "1994 Rhododendron RUMOR HAS IT" with the school crest. Spine reads "Rhododendron Anacortes High School 1994 Vol 84". Some random photos include all students, sports, clubs, activities, etc.

Image of 2000.021.003 - Yearbook

2000.021.003 - Yearbook

Anacortes High School - yearbook/annual " Rhododendron" for the year 1935. Light Tan cover with Purple Lettering and Design. From Bill Lowman's collection given by his Daughter Sue Pedersen

Image of 2000.023.001 - Yearbook

2000.023.001 - Yearbook

Yearbook/annual; Anacortes High School (AHS) 1915. Brown Cover. Bound with Dark Blue Cord. Lower 2" of front cover missing. Yearbook was called the "Anchor".

Image of 2006.020.001 - Yearbook

2006.020.001 - Yearbook

1937 Anacortes High School (AHS) yearbook/ annual "Rhododendron". Cover is a yellowish tan and has been laminated. Bound by a brown plastic spiral on the left side. Photos of Administration, teachers, individuals, classes, clubs, etc. Senior class President was Les Dunn; Marguerite Veloni, Vice-President; Marie Bozanich-Representative; and Florence Anderson, Secretary. Junior class officers were Lee Wilson, President; Henry Polis, Vice President; Bob Terrell, Secretary-Treasurer and Peggy Colgan, Representative. Junior class of 1939 officers were Jack Norman, President; Irene Schillios, Vice President; Betty Lee, Secretary and Guttorm Gregerson, Representative. Next it has the Junior High Sc

Image of 2006.020.002 - Yearbook

2006.020.002 - Yearbook

1938 Anacortes High School Yearbook, "Rhododendron". Dark brown cover has a rope design down the left hand side of the book. To the right of the "rope" is the word, "RHODODENDRON" in vertical format. Next to the name is a fishing book and under that are the numbers "38". Cover is torn and tattered all around and detached from the book. The photos include the faculty, classes, sports, activities and advertisements. Senior class officers were Hazel Haugland, President; Pat George, Vice President; Robert Haugland, Secretary-Treasurer; and Dick LaRue, Representative. Junior class officers include Jack Norman, President; Irene Jacobson, Vice President; Bernice Peters, Secretary; Winton Olson, Tre