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Name City of Anacortes

Associated Records

Image of 2006.068.015 - Ledger

2006.068.015 - Ledger

Cash Book ledger for City of Anacortes, City Treasurer's records (J. W. Lowman, City Treasurer and L. K. Smith, City clerk and ex-officio registration officer). Legder book is tan in color with dark red outside corners. Black design is on the front and back covers and the spine. On the front, in black ink, has been handwritten "CASH BOOK". Inside the front cover has been glued, cut out paragraphs of the "City Treasurer's Notice" which appeared in the local newspaper (dates are December 14, 1899 to November 7, 1901). All information is handwritten in black ink; included are: Indebtedness Funds; Sinking Funds; Dr. Frank Quimby; what appears to be payments made and to whom and the

Image of E.IV.051 - Map

E.IV.051 - Map

Map of City of Anacortes Washington and Fidalgo Island by City Engineering Dept.

Image of 2005.020.008 - Assessment

2005.020.008 - Assessment

Assessors notice to Chas. H. Baer regarding local improvement (sewer) assessments.

Image of 2005.020.010 - Assessment

2005.020.010 - Assessment

Assessors notice to Beatrice Lowman, Ex. for Chas. H. Baer regarding local improvement (sewer) assessments.

Image of 2005.020.015 - Receipt

2005.020.015 - Receipt

Receipt, with official stamp of Anacortes to J. W. Lowman signed by H. W. Powell, City Clerk, for taxes collected and due.

Image of 2005.020.016 - Receipt

2005.020.016 - Receipt

Receipt to T. B. Childs, City Treasurer, from the City of Anacortes. Numerous calculations on top and back.

Image of 2009.021.007 - Newspaper article

2009.021.007 - Newspaper article

Copy of Skagit Valley Herald newspaper article, titled, "City Garbage Collection Contract Goes to Harley Sutt".

Image of 2005.079.001-.017 - Records

2005.079.001-.017 - Records

.001 Letter from Mayor Joe Hagan to the Civilian Production Administration dated, December 11, 1946. .002 Form CPA-4423, 12/26/46, Application for Authority to Construct city garage and shop building and to alter 1st floor of city-owned community building. .003 Same as .002, only without seal and stamp, and with some pencilled information replacing typed information. .004 Form CPA1-3423, Instructions concerning priorities assistance and authorized construction. .005 Letter dated 12/30/46 to Mayor Hagan from Washington State Development Board regarding city treasurer certificate and request for funds. .006 Letter dated 1/3/1947 to City Official from Joshua H. Vogel, Planning and

Image of 2009.031 - Check, Bank

2009.031 - Check, Bank

Copy of check from the city of Anacortes to the Kiwanis club for the purchase of property on Mt. Erie, in the amount of $1.00, dated September 30, 1951. Donor says Ellsworth Olson, President of Kiwanis in 1951, asked her to keep this check safe. It was in her baby book from 1951 to 2009. Even though Kaaren Malson (donor) claims this is an original check, it appears to merely be a copy. The dollar amount stamped onto the check does not show as a relief stamp on the back of the check. The edges are not serrated even though they can be seen in the copy. The fibers on the original check would be uniform across the original check but they appear darker in places as they would with a photoco

Image of 2013.039 - Book

2013.039 - Book

City of Anacortes Water Treatment Plant Improvements Project 2013 hard-bound book with a history time-line of public water works beginning in 1890 and a photo record of the latest 2013 improvements.

Image of 2012.102.042.001 - Newspaper

2012.102.042.001 - Newspaper

Photocopy of SKAGIT VALLEY HERALD dated May 2, 2001, "Lawyers Honor "Mr. Anacortes" For former Mayor Bud Strom, civic involvement is a way of life" Bud Strom was honored as being named recipient of the Liberty Bell Award at the Skagit County Bar Association Law Day Luncheon. "The Liberty Bell Award is given each year by the Skagit County Bar Association to recognize a community member who exemplifies the ideals of community service and promotes the concepts of the U. S. Constitution in the community." From scrapbook by Bud Strom, for the Skagit Valley College Hall of Fame induction

Image of 2013.087 - Book, Record

2013.087 - Book, Record

The City of Anacortes donated with water meter reading book which was used before automated reading. Meter readers read the meters in person and kept handwritten records. The year of this particular book is unknown, but it contains 12 months.

Image of E.II.059.005.001-.002 - Agreement

E.II.059.005.001-.002 - Agreement

This agreement was made April 16, 1907, between Anacortes Water Company and the City of Anacortes for furnishing electric lights to the city for 5 years. .001 was written the following day to concede a waiver of all charges for lighting City Hall until after December 31, 1907; it was signed by Douglass Allmond, President of the Anacortes Water Company. .002 was signed by Douglass Allmond, E. P. Parker (secretary for Anacortes Water Company), Anacortes City Mayor Herb H. Soule, and City Clerk H. W. Powell.

Image of E.II.059.007 - Lease

E.II.059.007 - Lease

The Isaac Walton League negotiated this lease with the City of Anacortes for the use of Cranberry Lake to propogate fish and hold or encourage casting tournaments. Dated the 26th of March, 1929, it was signed by Mayor F. N. Haley, City Clerk M. A. Harnmann, Chauncy R. Ames (President of the Isaac Walton League) and John H. Pratt (Secretary). The Notary Public was Ben Driftmier, Sr.

Image of E.II.059.008 - Contract

E.II.059.008 - Contract

An agreement between Washington Power, Light, and Water Company and the City of Anacortes was signed August 21, 1919. For $135,000, a number of parcels of land were sold, perhaps for water pipes or electric line use. The back of page 12 is covered in $135 worth of United States Internal Revenue Documentary stamps.

Image of E.II.059.009 - Contract

E.II.059.009 - Contract

An agreement between Washington Water Company and the City of Anacortes was signed November 2, 1904. It covered the installation or repair and maintenance of 16 fire hydrants in Anacortes.

Image of E.II.059.010 - Lease

E.II.059.010 - Lease

On March 1, 1941, Lester E. Gibbons requested a revision to the sub-lease granted to him on February 2, 1940, for a mine near Heart Lake. Also listed in the agreement is A. V. Ginnett, Sr.

Image of E.II.059.011 - Contract

E.II.059.011 - Contract

Hand-written copy of original (original on file in county offices) "Petition" "In the matter of the incorporation of the proposed City of Anacortes"... "filed April 13th, 1891" 18 pages, front and back, with exception of page 11 (none); page 15, 16, and 17 written only on front, back is blank. Page one starts out: "Petition, Incorporation of the City of Anacortes, State of Washington, County of Skagit, ss, In the matter of the incorporation of the proposed City of Anacortes To the honorable board of County Commissioners said County and State: Be it known to your honorable body that we the undersigned petitioners whose names are hereinto annexed, do hereby pray for the incorporati

Image of 2015.101.014 - Poster

2015.101.014 - Poster

A 1909 Frisco Standard engine is featured on a poster for the September 12, 2001, Anacortes Antique Engine and Machinery Show. The show was sponsored by Sebo's, Les Schwab, Island Rentals, City of Anacortes, Port of Anacortes, and Kiwanis Noon Club of Anacortes.

1978.012.035.001 - Seal

"City of Anacortes, State of Washington, Corporate Seal". Hand used, tall handle protrudes from the heavy metal in the shape of a lion's head with the seal of the City of Anacortes in the mouth, consisting of bronze top and lead bottom of the seal itself. The base is attached to a heavy piece of plywood. This was used in City Hall, but time frame is unknown.