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Name Coast Guard

Associated Records

Image of 2012.116.001 - Report

2012.116.001 - Report

General Marshall's VICTORY REPORT, On the Winning of World War II [WWII] in Europe and the Pacific. Added section featuring the contributions made by our own community toward the winning of the war. This booklet belonged to Rudy V. Malland, U. S. Navy WWII veteran. For local persons see page 124 to end. Biennial report of the Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army, 1943-1945, to the Secretary of War. Distributed by the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the U.S., Lt. Arthur E. Carlson Post No. 2982, Anacortes, WA. Anacortes Veterans who gave their lives in WWII: Barney M. Allen, Philip O. Allen, Robert L. Allen (all 3 brothers), John W. Barber, Archie E. Brown, Kenneth Detwiler, William J. Dwelly, P

Image of 2014.052.006.002 - Mat, Picture

2014.052.006.002 - Mat, Picture

Double photo mat of medium blue with gold around photo for 2014.052.006.001, photo of Command Master Chief (Coast Guard) Dave Malland. To the right of photo are three metal insignias. The middle insignia is round with two anchors on the outside of the circle, a middle red, white, and blue banner with "semper paratus' in red letters, and "United States Coast Guard 1790" around the circumference.

Image of 2014.052.006.003 - Card, Business

2014.052.006.003 - Card, Business

Calling card on back of 2014.052.006.001, for Command Master Chief (Coast Guard) Dave Malland. It reads, "Dave Malland Command Master Chief Command Enlisted Advisor Security and Safety Specialist Vessel Inspections Marine Safety Consultant 39 Years of Honorable Military Service"

1996.002.001.A,B,C - Uniform, Military

Military Uniform- W.W.II U.S. Coast Guard a) Hat, b) Trousers, and c) Blouse - Given to Soroptomist Club of Anacortes; who in turn donated it to the Museum.

Image of 2014.052.014 - Insignia

2014.052.014 - Insignia

Coast Guard small black shield on white cloth.

Image of 2014.052.005 - Bell, Ship's

2014.052.005 - Bell, Ship's

Chelsea Ship's Bell clock is made of polished brass with a glass front.Made by the A. Lietz Company of San Francisco, the number is 669899, Boston, and the serial number is 66402. Two silver colored winding keys are included for time and ship's bell. It was patented December 31, 1901 by the Chelsea clock company. It has a ship's bell sound, black hands, and black numerals. This clock belonged to James Perozzo (PER-O-ZO), senior lieutenant in the United States Coast Guard and may have been salvaged from a decommissioned Coast Guard cutter, the name of which is unknown. Lt. Perozzo was a Washington State trooper, later joining the Coast Guard. He served as a liaison with the Coast Guard Auxi

Image of 2014.052.007 - Cap, Military

2014.052.007 - Cap, Military

Coast Guard flat hat without bill; U.S. Coast Guard is printed in gold thread on the black side; the cover is white. It goes with uniform 2014.052.016.

Image of 2014.052.008 - Cap, Military

2014.052.008 - Cap, Military

Medium dark blue wool-polyester overseas cap (size 7 1/8") with Master Chief pin. It goes with uniform 2014.052.015.

Image of 2014.052.009 - Hat, Hard

2014.052.009 - Hat, Hard

Coast Guard white safety hard hat with Master Chief designation badge mounted front center.

Image of 2014.052.010 - Cap, Military

2014.052.010 - Cap, Military

Coast Guard dress hat, black band with white cover (size 7 1/8"), black shiny bill, and gold Master Chief device in top center. It has a clear plastic cover to protect the fabric from the elements. It goes with uniform 2014.052.015.

Image of 2014.052.013 - Insignia

2014.052.013 - Insignia

Coast Guard rank-rating chevron has a white background with a black eagle, diamond "G" (Port security designator), and three "first class" black chevrons.

Image of 2014.052.015 - Uniform, Military

2014.052.015 - Uniform, Military

Coast Guard uniform, medium-dark blue, 1970s, polyesther-wook blend, with gold buttons. Inside label "Krosen's Seattle". Master Chief chevron (gold) and nine gold service stripes on left arm. Eighteen service robbons, one coxswain's (boat operator) badge, one port security badge, and one command enlisted advisor badge.

Image of 2014.052.016 - Uniform, Military

2014.052.016 - Uniform, Military

Coast Guard uniform, all wool, blue-black, 1950s-1960s with uniform blouse with black neck-flap with three white-band white striping. Matching bell-bottom pants. Left upper arm "first class port securityman" chevron and eighteen ribbons (service) and port security and coxswains (boat operator) badges.

Image of 2014.052.017 - Uniform, Military

2014.052.017 - Uniform, Military

Blue-black Coast Guard peacoat, marked "wool Kersey" DSA 100-2739 size 38R and "Malland". First class petty officer chevron on left sleeve with "G" in diamond (designator for port security man).

Image of 2014.052.018 - Uniform, Military

2014.052.018 - Uniform, Military

Adult size, one-piece anti exposure work coverall "Floation" suit. Black and bright orange (size 42-46). Marked "Mustang survival" on front, "U.S. Coast Guard" on back.

Image of 2014.052.019 - Flag

2014.052.019 - Flag

Small Coast Guard flag with "United States Coast Guard, Semper Paratus, 1790" surrounding an eagle with national symbol. Attached to a small staff.

Image of 2002.116.007 - Coast Guard

2002.116.007 - Coast Guard

Point Richmond Coast Guard Cutter stationed in Anacortes, Washington; docked at island.

Image of 2002.116.010 -

2002.116.010 -

Wake and spray behind Point Richmond Coast Guard Cutter stationed in Anacortes, Washington.

Image of 2002.116.012 -

2002.116.012 -

2 crew members working on Point Richmond Coast Guard Cutter stationed in Anacortes, Washington.

Image of 2002.116.014 -

2002.116.014 -

Skipper and name plaque of Point Richmond Coast Guard Cutter stationed in Anacortes, Washington