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Image of 1996.012.001 - Book

1996.012.001 - Book

Book 1978, "Verses and Jingles" by Florence Stafford Doust, written for Christmas 1978 for her grandchildren.

Image of 1999.011 - Book

1999.011 - Book

Book- "How to Carve and Paint Totem Poles " by Paul N. Luvera, Sr. Given to museum by Phyllis Ennes, daughter of Paul Luvera.

Image of 2001.020.001 - Book, Coloring

2001.020.001 - Book, Coloring

Anacortes Centennial Coloring Book (1879-1979); $1.50. Spiral bound with plastic.

Image of 2001.025.004.001 - Book, Ration

2001.025.004.001 - Book, Ration

World War II ration cards (book).. Has stamps enclosed. Belonged to donor's late husband, Ralph Robinson.

Image of 2001.025.004.002 - Book, Ration

2001.025.004.002 - Book, Ration

World War II ration book. All stamps have been used. Belonged to donor's late husband, Ralph Robinson.

Image of 2006.058.001,001-.003 - Certificate, Achievement

2006.058.001,001-.003 - Certificate, Achievement

WMA (Washington Museum Association) Award of Publication Excellence presented to The Anacortes Museum by Erin Black recognizing the book, Fidalgo Fishing, as a valuable source of cultural history. 1) Page 1 of award 2) Page 2 of award 3) portfolio cover award presented in

Image of 2009.002.001 - Book

2009.002.001 - Book

Green Anacortes Public Schools social studies book by Wallace W. Atwood and Helen Goss Thomas titles: The Americas.

Image of 2006.015.001 - Book

2006.015.001 - Book

"DEMOCRACY AND YOU, A Guide to Citizen Action", book by Richard Waverly Poston, Published by Harper & Brothers, 1953. Hardback (turquoise) with worn dustjacket. This book profoundly affected Wallie Funk in his understanding of an individual's role in his community. Inside front cover the name R. Bullitt was written in pencil, but an attempt was made by someone (probably Wallie) to erase it. 8.5" x 6" x 1"

Image of 2004.043.003 - Books

2004.043.003 - Books

A Graded Spelling Book, by W.J. Hughes, 106 pages, c. 1895, owned and signed by Vincent Rodgers, Dewey, Washington. Condition: spine torn.

Image of 2004.043.001 - Books

2004.043.001 - Books

The American Speaker and Writer, by J. Victor Hawthorne, 448 pages, 1900, presented to and signed by Mrs. F.P. Rogers, Feb. 1904. Condition: falling apart.

Image of 2004.043.002 - Book

2004.043.002 - Book

A One-Book Course in English, by Reed and Kellogg, 415 pages, 1895. Penciled writing on end papers. Used by E.B. Rodgers, Vincent Rodgers, H.J. Rodgers. Condition: worn.

Image of B.XIII.009 - Book, Account

B.XIII.009 - Book, Account

Green plain hard-back cover. Inside has 7 news clippings showing the library fund, April 1936 - Sept 1936. February 1936 - December 1939 are entered by hand on plain brown pages. [no accession card found}

Image of 2008.095.002 - Book, Instruction

2008.095.002 - Book, Instruction

A school book "Reeds Introductory Language Work" which is signed by Miss Agnes Stewart - Anacortes, Wash. Feb. 19, 1901, 34 and ... Street" on the inside cover. There is also writing on pages 26, 27,29 on page 31 is signed Agnes Stewart (twice) and Jessie Frances Frayces with writing as well on pages 36, 37, 50, 51, 81, 93, 97, 108-109, some marks on pages115, 228 and 119. Other pages with notations are 123, 134, 135, 163, (page 167-168 is mainly torn out), 169 171, 173-175 and 179. Still others include pages 181,183, 185, most pages from 189 through 197, 205-210 218 (pages 215 - 218 are missing the lower corner) and finally page 227. In Miss Hagadorn's writing there is mostly illegible w

Image of 2008.095.001 - Book, Instruction

2008.095.001 - Book, Instruction

School book "Manual of Algebra", by William G. Peck, Ph.D., LL.D, (Professor of Mathematics and Astronomy in Columbia Collect, and of Mechanics in the School of Mines. Published by A. S. Barnes & Company. Copyright 1875.

Image of 2008.095.003 - Book

2008.095.003 - Book

An original book by Elbert Hubbard, famous author "The Doctors" coyrighted in 1909. This is an original book some hand-made wood pages, which today, are torn from the books and sold for much money. Inside the book is the signature of "Ralph Kirkpatrick St. Pierre, Anacortes Washington".

Image of 2008.095.004 - Book

2008.095.004 - Book

An original book "The Flag on the Hilltop" by Mary Tracy Earle in 1902. According to "EARLE, MARY TRACY, 1864- The Flag on the Hilltop, [by] Mary Tracy Earle. With Illustrations. Boston and New York: Houghton, Mifflin and Company; The Riverside Press, Cambridge, 1902. 125p. Southern Illinois in 1863 is decidedly pro-south in sentiment, although geographically located behind Union lines. When young Alec Ford arrives from Tennessee to make his home with his uncle in North Pass (now Makanda), Illinois, he could have felt perfectly at ease in the community had old Doctor Ford, his uncle, not been "... the ravinest, rabidest abolitionist in

Image of PR.0017 - Book

PR.0017 - Book

Small book of poems by Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Image of PR.0018 - Book

PR.0018 - Book

Book: "Eskimo Stories" by Mary E. Smith. Child's book

Image of PR.0019 - Book

PR.0019 - Book

Book: "Farmer Boy" by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Story book

Image of PR.0020.001-.002 - Book

PR.0020.001-.002 - Book

Two books: "The Student's Reference Work, Vol. I, A-L" and "The Student's Reference Work, Vol. II, M-Z, index"