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Image of 2000.010.004.A,C - Letter

2000.010.004.A,C - Letter

Letter to Mayor - E. E. Haugen dated Oct. 8th 1920 regarding 1919 Construction fund expenditures. ( 3 pages )

Image of 2012.066.240 - Form

2012.066.240 - Form

The City of Anacortes Engineering Department gave an assortment of articles to the Museum on May 14, 2012. Typed blank form to be filled in by the inspector for sewer construction.

Image of 2012.066.241.A,B - Specification

2012.066.241.A,B - Specification

The City of Anacortes Engineering Department gave an assortment of articles to the Museum on May 14, 2012. There are two sets of bid specifications dated May 1926 for the O Avenue trunk sewer and for extensions and laterals for Local Improvement District # 139.

Image of 2012.066.144 - Notebook

2012.066.144 - Notebook

The City of Anacortes Engineering Department gave an assortment of articles to the Museum on May 14, 2012. This brown notebook for the City of Anacortes is titled, "R Avenue Truck Route Construction. It is not dated and only 5 pages were used. References include Bonn's Ditch, Stadia Cross-Section, September, and Marti Gregg.

Image of 2005.005.048 - Correspondence

2005.005.048 - Correspondence

On January 22, 1952, W. V. Wells, attorney, sent this notice to the Department of Conservation and Development in Olympia informing them of the completion of construction in connection with Surface Water Permit # 5896 issued to Fred Etter. NOTE: From the estate of Fred Philip Etter

Image of 1997.019.001.036 - Article

1997.019.001.036 - Article

The November 15, 1937, issue of the ANACORTES AMERICAN announced that Anacortes Plywood was to begin construction of a $500,000 plywood plant. 80 men would be employed during construction and the plan was for 750 employees when in full production. Gervis John was president of Anacortes Plywood, and J.J. Lucas was vice-president and general manager. Besides photos of the two men, there are sketches of building and of the location of machinery for a three lathe plant. Anacortes Veneer began in 1937 as Anacortes Plywood, Inc., a workers cooperative built on the former site of Fidalgo Lumber and Box which had burned about two years before. In 1936, Olympia employees of Washington Veneer dec

Image of 2009.023.006.015 - Article

2009.023.006.015 - Article

Photo of the building of Monlake Bridge over the ship canal in 1925. See also 2009.023.006.015. No. 6 of six scrapbooks titled: Snagboat History. Scrapbooks include photographs and newspaper clippings pertaining to the W.T. Preston. They belonged to Dennis Hamburg, son of Norm Hamburg. Norm Hamburg had a 42 year career on the W.T. Preston.

Image of 1992.025.019.013 -

1992.025.019.013 -

Pile Driver working on Guemes Channel.

Image of 1997.137 - Keystone Building under construction

1997.137 - Keystone Building under construction

Keystone Building under construction at 7th and Commercial . Roads in front aren't paved.

Image of 2001.tan.146.001 -

2001.tan.146.001 -

Country dirt road with farm on the left.

Image of 2001.tan.340 - Goodwin-Benedick-Havekost bldg -mid 1930's

2001.tan.340 - Goodwin-Benedick-Havekost bldg -mid 1930's

Goodwin-Benedict-Havekost Building, built 1890 (and completed very early in 1891) at 5th and Commercial. First occupants upstairs were the town's first architect, J. C. Jepson (age 42) and major contractors, T. A. Long and W. H. Merritt (did many major Anacortes buildings ie: Anacortes Hotel, Wilson Hotel Block (8th and Commercial) Post Office, Goodwin-Benedict-Havekost building and Columbian School). Also in the building were Goodwin-Benedict-Havekost realtors, developers, town promoters on the ground floor. This photo was taken in the mid 1930s. Occupants on bottom floor according to signs in windows (left to right) are: Etter Barber Shop;Travelers Insurance Company, Matt R. Kingsley, Ag

Image of D.IV.058.A,B,C,D,E -

D.IV.058.A,B,C,D,E -

The Wilson Building was built in 1890 by David Wilson on the SW coner of 8th Street and P Avenue (now Commercial Avenue) at a cost of $35,000. Contractors were Long and Meritt. Brick furnished by See Brick Company (see ANACORTES AMERICAN 5/01/1890: "See's New Brick Yard is to furnish 1,000,000 Brick for Wilson's New Building; 5/22/1890 - "Foundation for Wilson Bank block is assuming shape.") Photo shows building almost completed; stumps of Anacortes visible at right. The Wilson saw many businesses, changes, and renovations after construction. 6/11/1891 ANACORTES AMERICAN - "Refuse from Wilson Hotel should be taken better care of and a main should be built leading to the bay." 6/18/1893 -

Image of D.IV.115 -

D.IV.115 -

Commercial Ave. just before paving and laying the water main.

Image of D.V.061 - Cement mixer - making Deception Pass bridge

D.V.061 - Cement mixer - making Deception Pass bridge

A large construction cement-mixer used during the building of Deception Pass Bridge.

Image of D.V.057 -

D.V.057 -

Construction of the Deception Pass Bridge. Crane seen on the bridge. Both sides of the span nearly together--at this point the bridge does not quite meet in the center, yet.

Image of D.V.060.A,B - Building Deception Pass bridge

D.V.060.A,B - Building Deception Pass bridge

Building Deception Pass Bridge.

Image of D.V.062 -

D.V.062 -

The Civilian Conservation Corps (C.C.C.) project, building the bridge just west of Deception Pass.

Image of WF 2138 - Construction-Deception Pass Br

WF 2138 - Construction-Deception Pass Br

View of the construction of Deception Pass Bridge. Looking south from Fidalgo Island toward Pass Island, shows bridge being constructed. In distance, 1st pier of the bridge that was constructed is visible (on Whidbey side). In center of photo, a 235' wooden trestle is being erected between the north and south bridge approaches on Pass Island; following its completion in 3/1935, railroad track was laid. Before a bridge spanned the waters of Deception Pass, a ferry system transported travelers between Bout's Point (now called Yokeko Point) on Fidalgo Island and Hoypus Point on Whidbey Island. The idea for the Deception Pass Bridge came from Captain George Morse. As a State Representative in

Image of WF 5340 - Oakes Street at Dakota Avenue

WF 5340 - Oakes Street at Dakota Avenue

This view of Oakes Avenue was taken just west of where 12th Street ended and it became Oakes Avenue. The view is taken at Dakota Street. Oakes Avenue was named for the president of the Northern Pacific Railroad and is evidence of Anacortes' focus on becoming the Northern Pacific's transcontinental railroad terminus in 1889-90.

Image of 2007.063.002 - Road construction crew 1900 c.

2007.063.002 - Road construction crew 1900 c.

Sepia photo of 8 men (most holding shovels), horses and wagons, standing along side a cliff - perhaps they are digging a road.