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Image of 2009.002.017 - Records

2009.002.017 - Records

Manilla folder marked, "Senator Will Lowman Correspondence with Governor E. Lister; WWI -Non Patriots." Largely correspondences between Governor Ernest Lister and Will A. Lowman.

Image of 2009.002.034 - Letter

2009.002.034 - Letter

Two page letter to Mrs. Neil Carey from the Provincial Archives in Victoria.

Image of 2006.079.003 - Letter

2006.079.003 - Letter

Letters to Art Carlson, president of the Anacortes Rotary Club in 1961. Dating from May 23, 1961, to October 14th, 1961, they deal with the one day District Institute held at Skyline on October 6, 1961. That institute included 79 Rotarians from Washington, British Columbia, and Alaska and was attended by the District Governor, Edward D. Fletcher.

Image of 2006.079.004 - Letter

2006.079.004 - Letter

Letters to Art Carlson and the Anacortes Rotary Club from July 1, 1961, to June 29, 1962, while Art was president of the organization. The one on top, dated November 21, 1962, announces his resignation from the organization.

Image of 2013.076.022.001-.003 - Correspondence

2013.076.022.001-.003 - Correspondence

At some time after the house at 2701 Commercial became an antique store, Lois Anderson wrote to the owners, Mr. and Mrs. Bud Lewis, to tell them a little about the house. She described the placement of rooms and the hardwood floors as well as the custom of teens coming to the house of Friday nights and replacing their shoes with wool socks before dancing, playing games, and singing around the piano. Lois's father was her first dance partner. .001 - copy of letter and of the envelope .002 - copy of envelope .003 - copy of letter

Image of 2012.066.246.A, B,C - Correspondence

2012.066.246.A, B,C - Correspondence

The City of Anacortes Engineering Department gave an assortment of articles to the Museum on May 14, 2012. 3 copies of a letter date August 6, 1912, to the mayor and city council from the city engineer, G. V. Elder with the 2nd and final estimate of work done on Local Improvement District # 84, the extension of O Avenue sewer by C. C. Barnett, contractor.

Image of 2005.005.012.003 - Correspondence

2005.005.012.003 - Correspondence

Fred P. Etter purchased a share of Casinau Oil Company in Wichita Falls, Texas, on May 12, 1920, for $100.00. This letter accompanied the stock certificate and contract and is very upbeat about the prospect of drilling for oil. NOTE: From the estate of Fred Philip Etter

Image of 2005.005.013 - Correspondence

2005.005.013 - Correspondence

Fred P. Etter requested information from the Skagit County Prosecuting Attorney about the ownership of beach property between the meander line and the high tide line. He was apparently having a dispute with Ray Mellish. NOTE: From the estate of Fred Philip Etter

Image of 2005.005.014 - Correspondence

2005.005.014 - Correspondence

Fred P. Etter received an inheritance from the estate of George R. Zimmer of Greene Township, Erie County, PA of $227.47. This letter accompanied some paperwork that needed to be signed, witnessed, and returned to attorneys Eaton and Eaton before the check could be sent. Fred was born in Erie, PA, and moved west alone according to the autobiography of his son, Bill Etter. NOTE: From the estate of Fred Philip Etter

Image of 2005.005.027 - Correspondence

2005.005.027 - Correspondence

H. C. Barney of Citizens Bank wrote to Fred Etter regarding the abstract of title for Lot 13, Block 166. Apparently he was buying the lot from Meta Conmey, who had subsequently re-married and was now Meta Conmey-Gorton. NOTE: From the estate of Fred Philip Etter

Image of 2013.071.006 - Correspondence

2013.071.006 - Correspondence

This letter from Seid G. Back dated April 26th, 1928, reads: "Receipt is respectfully acknowledged of your letter of April 25th, transmitting your check No. 2456 for the amount of $1000.00, as asked for in my letter of April 23rd. Thank you, sir, again for the accommodation, I am, as ever, Respectfully yours, (signature of Seid G. Back)." The letterhead indicates that Mr. Back was a Chinese merchant and salmon cannery labor contractor at 308 First Street, P.O. Box 519, Portland, Oregon. The letter was addressed to Carl A. Sutter, Manager Fidalgo Island Packing Co. 451 Central Building Seatt

Image of 2014.011.054 - Letter, Form

2014.011.054 - Letter, Form

A letter from Men and Women against Prohibition was sent to Floyd Lunsford thanking him for his support of the defeat of Initiative No. 13 which would have prohibited the sale of wine and beer and the drinking of it in public places. The initiative was presented to the Legislature in August 1946. Literature from the organization was enclosed for distribution, and Mr. Lunsford was encouraged to thank the local paper if it editorialized against the initiative.

Image of 2014.011.035.001-.002 - Correspondence

2014.011.035.001-.002 - Correspondence

On June 23, 1948, Roy Maricich wrote a letter to Floyd and Frances Lunsford. The return address is "c/o Peninsula Packing Co., M.S. La Merced, False Pass, Alaska, Boat (Iceland)". The Lunsfords lived at 1105 K Avenue in Anacortes. Roy wrote about the terrible weather and fishing they were experiencing, face hair that was growing or shaved off, the beauty of Alaska, and the lack of good mail service.

Image of 2014.011.037 - Invitation

2014.011.037 - Invitation

A kitchen shower was given for Lorene Silvernail by Darlene Crout on October 14th (year unknown) at 1120 17th Street. The invitation front pictures two white kittens beneath a daisy-like flower.

Image of 2014.011.036.001 - Card, Congratulatory

2014.011.036.001 - Card, Congratulatory

On June 1, 1948, Von Fontaine sent "Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Lee Lunsford, Jr." a congratulatory card on the birth of their baby. Roy (Maricich ?) was the uncle.

Image of 2014.011.036.002 - Envelope

2014.011.036.002 - Envelope

On June 1, 1948, Von Fontaine sent "Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Lee Lunsford, Jr." a congratulatory card on the birth of their baby. Roy (Maricich ?) was the uncle. The envelope was postmarked Vista, CA.

Image of 2014.011.033.001 - Envelope

2014.011.033.001 - Envelope

In 194? a thank you note was sent from Mrs. F.G. Mitchell of Rt. 1, Dayline, LA to Mrs. Floyd Lunsford, Jr. of 11th and K Ave. in Anacortes in this envelope.

Image of 2014.011.033.002 - Notecard

2014.011.033.002 - Notecard

In 194? a thank you note was sent from Mrs. T.G. Mitchell of Rt. 1, Dayline, LA to Mrs. Floyd Lunsford, Jr. of 11th and K Ave. "Dear Fran and Floyd, Tom and I want to tank you so very much for the lovely salt and pepper shakers. They are so beautiful and will certainly enhance our table. It was so kind of you to remember us and we do appreciate it. It's certainly a grand feeling to know we have so many nice friends. Love, Annette Mitchell

Image of 2014.011.032 - Invitation

2014.011.032 - Invitation

An Honor Society invitation was given to Mrs. Lunsford at an unknown date. Her name and a torch are drawn in white on purple construction paper. "You are invited to attend the Installation and Initiation Ceremonies of the Honor Society Tuesday evening, October 5th 6:30 P. M. Lunsford's Coffee Shop"

Image of 2013.077.226.002 - Correspondence

2013.077.226.002 - Correspondence

On January 19, 1953, Bob Heilman of the SEATTLE TIMES sent this cover letter to Paul Luvera for the printing mat (2013.077.226.001) which Luvera hoped to use for some unspecified purpose. He also included a few tearsheets that are not included in this collection.