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Image of O.IV.039 - Permit

O.IV.039 - Permit

This permit is for the moving of Birdie May Bonney from Fern Hill Cemetery to Grandview Cemetery in Anacortes. The permit is dated April 23, 1951.

Image of O.IV.052 - Permit

O.IV.052 - Permit

Glendella Clem died October 4, 1917, in Seattle of chronic nephritis. Her age was 16 years, 1 month, 10 days. Permit is to transfer the body to Anacortes for burial.

Image of O.IV.053 - Permit

O.IV.053 - Permit

Jennie Harsha died August 21, 1917 in Bellingham of cerebral thrombosis. Her age was 39 years, 7 months, 23 days. Permit is to transfer the body to Anacortes for burial.

Image of O.IV.068 - Permit

O.IV.068 - Permit

Dan Graham died April 23, 1916 in Bellingham of acute indigestion. He was 64 years old. This permit is for transport of the body to Anacortes for burial.

Image of 2011.002 - Correspondence

2011.002 - Correspondence

Box with United States congress, enrolled resoultion engraved on front. Inside is paper of Resolution 1262, a U. S. House of Representatives Resolution, April 21, 2010 which expresses condolences to the families, friends and loved ones of the victims of the fire at Tesoro refinery on March's Point on April 2, 2010. According to the april 7, 2010 ANACORTES AMERICAN, "When workers opened the coking drum, felieving the 46,000 gallons of super-heated material inside had collec sufficently for safe handling, the hot luquid spontaneously ignited in a lfash fire after hitting the air". Those who died are: Matt Gumbel, 34 from Oak Harbor; Lew Janz, 41 from Anacortes; Daniel Aldridge, 50, from

Image of 2012.087.023 - Program

2012.087.023 - Program

Eight page (including covers) program "In Loving Memory -Carroll Francis Stromberg, March 24, 1931 - Feb 6, 2012". Used at his funeral ceremony. The June 29, 1911 Anacortes American reported on the Great Northern Depot's opening, at 611 R Avenue: "New Great Northern Depot Opened; Is a Credit to City." In 1964, excursion trains brought visitors to the Arts and Crafts Festival (now known as the Anacortes Art Festival) from Seattle. This brick building served until regular rail traffic to Anacortes ended in 1978. The depot now serves as the Depot Arts Center. This HO scale model (3.5 mm (0.1378 in) represents 1 real foot (304.8 mm); this ratio works out to about 1:87.1) was used with de

Image of O.IV.009 - Permit

O.IV.009 - Permit

Harrison Willson (sic) died April 25, 1919, in Bellingham, Washington; his age was 78 years, 11 months. This permit is for the transportation of his boday to Anacortes for burial.

Image of O.IV.077 - Permit

O.IV.077 - Permit

Wilhelmina Downs died November 4, 1918, in Seattle of influenza. Her age was 20 years, 5 months, 4 days. Permit is for transportation of body to Anacortes for burial.

Image of 2013.035.004 - Telegram

2013.035.004 - Telegram

Western Union original telegram to Anthony (Tony). Naser, Anacortes, says: "Received at anacortes, Wash. KY ChippewaFalls Wis 1030P Mar 26 1931 Anthony Naser 1119 9 St Anacortes Wash Mother died are you coming answer, unsigned, 838A Mar 27" at 8:39 AM someone marked on the telegram that they "called up Mrs. Naser"

Image of 2012.102.017 - Program

2012.102.017 - Program

Program for service upon the death of Louie Padovan, b. May 31, 1921, Guemes Island, WA; d. November 6, 2010, Anacortes, WA. Graveside service at Edens Cemetery, Guemes Island, WA Thursday, November 11, 2010. From scrapbook by Bud Strom, for the Skagit Valley College Hall of Fame induction

Image of O.IV.078 - Permit

O.IV.078 - Permit

Andy B. Spradley died in Vancouver, B. C. on March 7, 1939. Permit is for burial.

Image of 2012.102.061 - Manuscript

2012.102.061 - Manuscript

Photocopy of 4 page "story" called "THE MYSTERY OF PIONEER JOHNSON'S DEATH". Mr. Johnson lived on 20 acres at West Beach, Guemes Island. His death is still a mystery. From scrapbook by Bud Strom, for the Skagit Valley College Hall of Fame induction.

Image of 2013.088.026 - Photograph, scan

2013.088.026 - Photograph, scan

Copy of funeral card for Joseph H. Baer, husband of Amanda Ella Ault Baer, father of Beatrice Victoria Baer Lowman: "In Loving Remembrance of J. H. Baer, Died Sept. 4, 1927. Gone but not Forgotten. A precious one from us has gone, A voice we loved is stilled; A place is vacant in our home, Which never can be filled. God in His wisdom has recalled, The boon his love had given, And though the body slumbers here, The soul is safe in Heaven." According to records found online, Joseph Henry Baer died on Sept 2, 1927 in Indiana, although I have printed off a Washington death record.

Image of 2014.011.044 - Article

2014.011.044 - Article

Father Gustave Treunet passed away on September 17, 1948. His Requiem Mass was held at 10:00 a.m. at St. Mary's Catholic Church (on 7th Street) Monday, September, 20, 1948. That afternoon he was buried in Calvary Cemetery in Seattle. Born on October 16, 1871, in Berch-sur-ner, Pas de Calais, France, he was ordained in 1896 in Arras, France. Following two years at Elma, Washington, he came to Anacortes in February 1910; on September 26, 1946, he celebrated is Golden Jubilee as a Catholic priest. The photos at the top of the page are from his Golden Jubilee.

Image of 1997.392 - Print, Photographic

1997.392 - Print, Photographic

A newspaper article in the ANACORTES AMERICAN on Thursday, March 12,1925, detailed the death of photographer Charles W. Scarborough in Alaska in the winter of 1924.

Image of O.IV.060 - Permit

O.IV.060 - Permit

Permit to disinter and transfer the body of Jennie E. Carlton from Grandview Cemetery, Anacortes, to Seattle. Dated October 16, 1942.

Image of fic.0816 - Certificate

fic.0816 - Certificate

It is unknown who created this certificated titled "In Memoriam" for soldiers who died in World War I. Of the fourteen men named, six died from the pandemic influenza of 1918. Irving Henry Barbee Leo Steve Bruett Charles L. Burch Arthur Edvin Carlson Harry Leon Causland Harry Lewis Grimes Nathanel Inman Hudson Thomas Tell Huntley Earl Chester Jenkin Carl Harry Johnson John Morris Jones Chester Arthur Munks Frank Robinson Norvell Robert Frazer Warren

Image of O.IV.010 - Permit

O.IV.010 - Permit

Anna Willson (sic) died October 10, 1926, in Seattle, Washington, of exapthalmic goiter. Her age was 56 years, 8 months, 11 days. This permit is for the transit of her body to Anacortes for burial.

Image of O.IV.005.001-.002 - Permit

O.IV.005.001-.002 - Permit

William David Anderson died in Ketchikan, Alaska, on June 13, 1941, of chronic nipliritis uremia. His age was 51 years, 11 months, and 2 days. His body was shipped to Seattle for burial. .001 - permit for transportation of body .002 - transit label

Image of O.IV.001.001-.002 - Permit

O.IV.001.001-.002 - Permit

William Fears Robinson was born September 8, 1859, and died in Pasadena, California on January 7, 1916, of Bright's Disease. He was married to Nellie. .001 - Pasadena, CA, Health Department permission for the removal of his remains. .002 - certificate of death and permit to transfer remains to Anacortes.