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Image of fic.0719 - Plan, Site

fic.0719 - Plan, Site

Skagit County Department of Public Works prepared this site plan for the Anacortes land of the Guemes Island ferry. The proposal is for three "luminaries" on 35' treated timber poles along the west side of the dock on the right of way line. Also shown are the two loading lanes, the one off-loading lane, and the terminal building.

Image of 1997.092 -

1997.092 -

Three gentlemen standing on dock with purse seiners, the one to the far right is Paul Luvera (suit, bow tie, glasses and bald). A few of the boat names can be partially read, such as: L(?)ARK, VERIBU... The men are all dressed in suits and ties. One is wearing a hat and glasses, and is pointing at perhaps a boat. A newpaper article (ANACORTES AMERICAN) dated November, 1953, has a photograph of these same 3 men on the dock. the caption reads: "Anacortes is in for a gusty political Friday as Congressman Jack Westland (pictured above) and Senator Warren G. Magnuson appear here tomorrow. Both are scheduled to speak at the Empire cafe, Magnuson will be heard at noon

Image of 1997.112 - Guemes ferry landing

1997.112 - Guemes ferry landing

A ferry unloading passengers. This appears to be the ALMAR ferry at the Guemes ferry landing on the Anacortes side of the run. When the tender MARGUERITE ran aground and sank off Lopez Island in September 1954, the engine was taken out and put into the ALMAR ferry.

Image of 1997.300 - Olympia waterfront

1997.300 - Olympia waterfront

Olympia waterfront.

Image of 1997.330 - Cresent Lake, WA

1997.330 - Cresent Lake, WA

Crescent Lake, Washington. Photo number on back is 592. Lower right corner in relief is: Glenn A. Davis, Photographer.

Image of 2000.057.054.004 - Fisheries & boats

2000.057.054.004 - Fisheries & boats

At extreme right is part of the Matheson Codfish Dock. The darker building at the center of this photo is the Booth Fisheries, later to become Fish Pack; Farwest (next to Booth) and Puget Fisheries. Dock also Union Oil Dock with Lowman pile driver. Could be Sunday Law Weekend or a strike. There was a seine strike in 1934. Boats from left to right: GRAYLING, VICTORY ___.ROUGH RIDER,RALLY, MARIETTA J., ??,star (Gig Harbor) and the AVALON.

Image of 2003.060.023 -

2003.060.023 -

Captain Tom Haugen, Skipper of the WAWONA, wife Anna, daughter Anna. In front of Robinson's Fisheries, 1940.

Image of D.IX.044 - unnamed boat at unnamed dock

D.IX.044 - unnamed boat at unnamed dock

Steamer tied at a port dock.

Image of D.IX.166 - Four men beside a schooner

D.IX.166 - Four men beside a schooner

Four men standing beside a schooner.

Image of D.V.050 -

D.V.050 -

The Russian Cement Plant off Oakes Ave. on Guemes Channel.

Image of D.V.112.001 - men with oil barrel

D.V.112.001 - men with oil barrel

These men are working with an oil barrel, probably on the Texaco Oil dock.

Image of D.V.113.002 - tanker pulling into dock

D.V.113.002 - tanker pulling into dock

Oil tanker pulling into the Standard Oil Dock in Anacortes.

Image of D.V.113.003 - tanker STANDARD SERVICE

D.V.113.003 - tanker STANDARD SERVICE

The oil tanker STANDARD SERVICE is docked at the Standard Oil dock on the Guemes Channel.

Image of D.VI.049.A,B,C -

D.VI.049.A,B,C -

The Deception Dock (Benn and Christensen Dock) was erected in March 1884 by Frank Benn and Mark Christensen near their Deception Mill for steamers connecting with Bellingham and Seattle. A crowd of people may be seen on dock, next to which is a small tugboat. Railing has been installed on right side of dock; WF 0033 and 0035 show earlier and later photos of this dock. The Deception Mill (Pass Mill) is visible on shore at left side of dock; Halpin's Store is visible at right of center. Cut line for this photo in 8-6-1959 ANACORTES AMERICAN Pioneer Edition, sect. 1-7, states that "Faulkner Hotel is above the dock at center, and to the right of dock is a saloon." (not confirmed by T. L. Treb

Image of D.VIII.038 - pile driver, capping scow, tug  R.E.F.

D.VIII.038 - pile driver, capping scow, tug R.E.F.

Group in front of Coast Fish Company dock. Ray Lowman, company manager, is at extreme right. Lincoln Williams, the Hammer man, is sitting next to the anchor. Booth Fisheries is behind the dock. This photo was taken in 1924, with the pile driver, capping scow, and tugboat R.E.F. in the foreground.

Image of D.XX.003.033 -

D.XX.003.033 -

Unknown boat at dock.

Image of D.XX.003.068 - Unknown boat at dock

D.XX.003.068 - Unknown boat at dock

Unknown boat at dock.

Image of D.XX.003.070 - Unknown boat

D.XX.003.070 - Unknown boat

Unknown boat at dock.

Image of D.XX.003.078 - SOPHIE CHRISTENSON at unknown dock

D.XX.003.078 - SOPHIE CHRISTENSON at unknown dock

SOPHIE CHRISTENSON, a codfish schooner, at unknown dock.

Image of D.XX.003.089 - WAWONA

D.XX.003.089 - WAWONA

WAWONA at dock side.