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Image of 2014.011.053 - Petition

2014.011.053 - Petition

Initiative No. 13 to the Legislature was filed with the Secretary of State on August 23, 1946, by the Washington Temperance Association. It was intitled: "AN ACT, prohibiting the retail sale of beer and wine by any person other than the Sate of Washington, repealing all provisions of existing law pertaining to licensing of retail sale of beer and wine, revoking existing licenses and providing penalties." It would have allowed the sale of wine, beer, and liquor only in Washington State liquor stores and prohibited imbibing in other than private premises.

Image of 2014.011.054 - Letter, Form

2014.011.054 - Letter, Form

A letter from Men and Women against Prohibition was sent to Floyd Lunsford thanking him for his support of the defeat of Initiative No. 13 which would have prohibited the sale of wine and beer and the drinking of it in public places. The initiative was presented to the Legislature in August 1946. Literature from the organization was enclosed for distribution, and Mr. Lunsford was encouraged to thank the local paper if it editorialized against the initiative.

Image of 2014.011.055 - Pamphlet

2014.011.055 - Pamphlet

A pamphlet produced by Men and Women against Prohibition included questions and answers about what might happen if Initiative No. 13 were to pass on November 2. The "answers" imply that a return of the criminal activities of the national Prohibition era would return. All existing retail sales would be prohibited except in the state-run liquor stores; no spirits would be sold by the glass.

Image of 2014.011.038 - Pamphlet

2014.011.038 - Pamphlet

The State of Washington published a Voters' Pamphlet for the November 2, 1948, general election. Included was information on Initiative # 169 (the Bonus Bill for veterans of World War II), Initiative # 170 (providing liquor by the drink under certain conditions), Initiative # 172 (liberalizing Social Security laws), Referendum #13 (restricting sale of beer and wine to State Liquor Stores), and four proposed amendments to the state constitution.

Image of 2014.011.056 - Ad, Newspaper

2014.011.056 - Ad, Newspaper

Initiative 13 was presented to the voters in the November 2, 1948, general election. It would have prevented selling alcohol by the drink. According to the advertisement, "it would mean a return to the speakeasy, the bootlegger, the gangster -- and, finally, state-wide PROHIBITION!" The initiative did not pass. On the reverse side of the advertisement are political ads for Payson Peterson for Congressman and Arthur Langlie for Governor. Langlie won his race, and Peterson was defeated.