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Image of 2011.037.011 - Letter

2011.037.011 - Letter

Typed five page personal letter to Betty Lowman dated June 1, 1936, from Gene Neely, a graduate during the Depression. Apparently they had made a deal with each other to write in five years, what they had done since graduation.

Image of 2011.037.034 - Letter

2011.037.034 - Letter

Letter to Betty Lowman from Dwight C. Smith, Pastor of First Congregational Church, Bellingham, WA. October 19, 1938, regarding her speaking at their annual dinner and possibly singing "a number or two" and bring Alice Dunn with her.

Image of 2012.097.001 - Letter

2012.097.001 - Letter

Photocopy of letter from Bill & Barbara Wells to Dr. Minnie Burdon. year unknown. See NOTES for letter thanking "Dr. Minnie" for all she has done for them both as a friend and a doctor.

Image of 2012.102.028.001-.006 - Newspaper

2012.102.028.001-.006 - Newspaper

Copies of newspaper clippings, telegram and letter all in reference to Anacortes being named an All-America City in 1962. .001) ANACORTES AMERICAN clipping: "Anacortes, All-America City, Community Winner of National Award" March 14, 1962 .002) ANACORTES AMERICAN clipping: "Milestones on the Road To 1961 All-America City Award", March 14, 1962 .003) ANACORTES AMERICAN clipping: "City Receives Best Wishes", March 14, 1962 .004) copy of telegram from President John F. Kennedy to Mayor Eugene A. Strom, "...The White house Washington DC Mar 14 1204P EST 1962, Honorable Eugene A. Strom, City Hall Anacortes Wash, Warmest congratulations to Anacortes, Washington, as recipient of an All-Merica [

Image of 2012.102.041.003 - Letter

2012.102.041.003 - Letter

Photocopy of a letter to E. A. "Bud" Strom, DDS c/o Mr. Wallie Funk, from Daniel J. Evans Associates giving congratulations re: Bud's retirement. See 2012.102.041.001 for newspaper article on "Bud Strom Day" ; also see 2012.102.041.003-.004 From scrapbook by Bud Strom, for the Skagit Valley College Hall of Fame induction

Image of 2012.066.239 - Correspondence

2012.066.239 - Correspondence

The City of Anacortes Engineering Department gave an assortment of articles to the Museum on May 14, 2012. Letter from S. D. Temple, City Engineer, to A. H. Dimock of Seattle about the outlet of a sewer pipe near Robinson Fisheries Company. Mr. Robinson had complained that it might pollute the water he used to brine his fish.

Image of 2005.005.052.002 - Correspondence

2005.005.052.002 - Correspondence

Joseph E. Johnson wrote a letter to Fred Etter about Lot 15, Block 166, (1820 10th Street) which he deeded to Lola Armstrong. He was concerned that there might be some question as to who actually owned that land. NOTE: From the estate of Fred Philip Etter

Image of 2005.005.052.003 - Correspondence

2005.005.052.003 - Correspondence

Joseph E. Johnson wrote a letter to Fred Etter about Lot 15, Block 166, (1820 10th Street) which he deeded to Lola Armstrong. This is the envelope which contained both the letter and the deed. NOTE: From the estate of Fred Philip Etter

Image of 2013.088.029 - Photograph, scan

2013.088.029 - Photograph, scan

Copy of letter to Mrs. Will A. Lowman (Beatrice Victoria Baer, 1870-1938, William Alvin Lowman, 1863-1943) from Alma Lister (wife of Ernest Lister, Washington State Governor (Jan 1913 - Feb 1919). The paper it is written on is stamped "Executive Mansion, Olympia", with "Seal of the State of Washington". Letter says: "Jan. 3 -- 1917 Mrs. Will A. Lowman: My dear Mrs. Lowman. Allow me to thank you and Mr. Lowman for those lovely basket you sent to Florence and I for Christmas. We do appreciate these ____so much we are so fond of baskets we have a small collection and _____ add so much to it. Old Santa was good to us all and I hope he was ____ you. when Mr. Lowman comes over _____ to t

Image of 2013.071.006 - Correspondence

2013.071.006 - Correspondence

This letter from Seid G. Back dated April 26th, 1928, reads: "Receipt is respectfully acknowledged of your letter of April 25th, transmitting your check No. 2456 for the amount of $1000.00, as asked for in my letter of April 23rd. Thank you, sir, again for the accommodation, I am, as ever, Respectfully yours, (signature of Seid G. Back)." The letterhead indicates that Mr. Back was a Chinese merchant and salmon cannery labor contractor at 308 First Street, P.O. Box 519, Portland, Oregon. The letter was addressed to Carl A. Sutter, Manager Fidalgo Island Packing Co. 451 Central Building Seatt

Image of 2014.011.054 - Letter, Form

2014.011.054 - Letter, Form

A letter from Men and Women against Prohibition was sent to Floyd Lunsford thanking him for his support of the defeat of Initiative No. 13 which would have prohibited the sale of wine and beer and the drinking of it in public places. The initiative was presented to the Legislature in August 1946. Literature from the organization was enclosed for distribution, and Mr. Lunsford was encouraged to thank the local paper if it editorialized against the initiative.

Image of 2014.011.035.001-.002 - Correspondence

2014.011.035.001-.002 - Correspondence

On June 23, 1948, Roy Maricich wrote a letter to Floyd and Frances Lunsford. The return address is "c/o Peninsula Packing Co., M.S. La Merced, False Pass, Alaska, Boat (Iceland)". The Lunsfords lived at 1105 K Avenue in Anacortes. Roy wrote about the terrible weather and fishing they were experiencing, face hair that was growing or shaved off, the beauty of Alaska, and the lack of good mail service.

Image of 2012.117.125 - Correspondence

2012.117.125 - Correspondence

Raymond Smith received this letter from the National Court of Honor when he achieved the rank of Quartermaster in the Sea Scouts. The letter was written September 16, 1947.

Image of 2012.117.126 - Correspondence

2012.117.126 - Correspondence

Raymond Smith received this letter from the National Court of Honor when he achieved the rank of Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts. The letter was written February 11, 1949.

Image of 2012.117.130 - Correspondence

2012.117.130 - Correspondence

On March 5, 2009, Raymond Smith wrote this letter to the editor of THE SEATTLE TIMES. He gave some history of the WAWONA during World War II and decried the fact that the ship was not restored as was the STAR OF INDIA which served in a similar position. At the time of the letter, Mr. Smith was living at 1719 25th H Court in Anacortes.

Image of 2013.077.223 - Article

2013.077.223 - Article

An Open Letter to Paul Luvera in the ANACORTES AMERICAN, date unknown, was written by Kirvin R. Smith, Secretary of the Kiwanis Club, in appreciation of the time and work Luvera put in as chairman of the United Good Neighbors drive.

Image of 2013.077.226.002 - Correspondence

2013.077.226.002 - Correspondence

On January 19, 1953, Bob Heilman of the SEATTLE TIMES sent this cover letter to Paul Luvera for the printing mat (2013.077.226.001) which Luvera hoped to use for some unspecified purpose. He also included a few tearsheets that are not included in this collection.

Image of 2013.077.243 - Correspondence

2013.077.243 - Correspondence

While a Senator in Olympia, Paul Luvera pushed for Cap Sante harbor improvements. On January 19, 1956, Congressman Jack Westland sent Luvera a letter thanking him for his efforts on the Cap Sante Waterway project which was funded by the U. S. Congress. Glued to the letter is a paid advertisement of Westland's achievements which ran in the SEATTLE TIMES in October 1954 as Westland campaigned for re-election.

Image of 2013.077.250 - letter

2013.077.250 - letter

These three identical letters are taped together, probably so that they could be duplicated. The letters were each individually typed as evidenced by typing bumps on the back of each and the slight differences in his signature. Paul Luvera could then cut apart the duplicates and use the individual letters to respond to people inquiring about his book, "How to Carve Totem Poles." In 1978 the price of the book was $11.95, plus $.50 for mailing and $.60 tax for Washington residents.

Image of 2013.077.252 - letter

2013.077.252 - letter

In 1967 Paul Luvera carved a 30-foot Thunderbird totem pole for the Boy Scout World Jamboree in Farragut, Idaho. Following the event the pole was donated to the City of Anacortes and placed at Sunset Beach in Washington Park. A winter storm in late 1990 toppled it to the ground; during the removal it was cut into 10-foot sections and taken for storage to the old city landfill site at 37th Street and A Avenue. Some parts were subsequently stolen and the few remnants later returned to the family. Following the article in the ANACORTES AMERICAN (2013.077.251), more letters were written. This letter was written to the ANACORTES AMERICAN on April 9, 1991, asking questions as to why the