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Image of 2005.076 - Map

2005.076 - Map

Raised color contour plastic map, Titled, Victoria, B.C. Canada; Washington, U.S., includes Fidalgo Island.

Image of 2000.015.001 - Map

2000.015.001 - Map

Map folds out of card stock cover. Cover has two people camping as illustration.; late 50s or early 60s.(undated); Metskers Skagit County Map

Image of 2006.011 - Map

2006.011 - Map

"Map of the Puget Sound Country" by Black Ball Line in the form of a brochure. It shows where the Black Ball ferries ran (ie, Anacortes to Sidney) plus other ferries, forest trails, and State Parks in northwestern Washington, and eastern Vancouver Island.

Image of 2002.134 - map

2002.134 - map

This color map of Guemes Island was copyrighted in 2002 by Hinterland Design Cartography. It is not to be used for navigation. The top oval is a photo of Mt. Baker; the bottom oval is of the Guemes ferry. The legend includes types of roads, ferry route, and land types. At the bottom are pictorial directions to Anacortes from I-5, and of Anacortes to Guemes Island ferry.

Image of 2009.022.006 - Map

2009.022.006 - Map

Metsker map: Township 34 N., Range I E.W.M., Skagit & Island Counties, Washington. Page 2.

Image of 2009.022.007 - Map

2009.022.007 - Map

Metsker map: Township 33 N., Range 2 E.W.M., Skagit & Island Counties, Washington. Page 5.

Image of 2009.022.008 - Map

2009.022.008 - Map

Metsker map: Township 34 N., Range 2 E.W.M., Skagit County, Washington. Page 6.

Image of 2009.022.009 - Map

2009.022.009 - Map

Metsker map: Township 35 N., Range 2 E.W.M., Skagit County, Washington. Page 7.

Image of E.IV.047 - Map

E.IV.047 - Map

Two Anacortes brochures issued by the Anacortes Chamber of Commerce featuring a map and various statistics relating to Anacortes as a scenic place to visit.

Image of E.IV.040 A,B,C - Map

E.IV.040 A,B,C - Map

Map of Industrial Anacortes, May 1, 1923.

Image of 2006.068.018 - Ledger

2006.068.018 - Ledger

Ekonomik Check and Deposit Register, Drawn by PUGET FISHERIES, ANACORTES, WASH. on MOUNT VERNON BRANCH FIRST NAT'L BANK OF SEATTLE from DECEMBER 1, 1934 to DECEMBER 28, 1934. Register is filled out with the date check was written, to whom and why, checks number 501-534, amount of check, date of deposit, amount of deposit, and balance. This month uses only 1-1/2 pages of the register.

Image of 2006.068.017.001-.022 - Records

2006.068.017.001-.022 - Records

A total of thirty-one (31) pages of drawings and measurements of fish traps from Coast Fish Company, 1914-1925, LOWMAN, Will A. Locations of traps were as follows: 1) Lopez - 1914; 2) N. Ebeys - 1914; 3) Salmon Banks - Apr 15, 1915; 4) West Beach #2, Apr 22, 1915 "measured by Carlson", this page has the figures for the total wired used at this trap; 5) Lopez - 1915; 6) Dewey - 1915 (Frank D'Arcy May 5-8); 7) S. Ebeys - 1916 "measured by Carlson -- Edwards wire"; 8) #2 - 1916 "Schwabacher-wire 14 & 15 gauge"; 9) Smith Island - 1916; 10) This is 6 pages clipped together with 4 gold grommets. Front page "Traps. Coast Fish Co. 1918"--additional pages include Tulalip - 1918, Alger Bay -

Image of E.IV.051 - Map

E.IV.051 - Map

Map of City of Anacortes Washington and Fidalgo Island by City Engineering Dept.

Image of 2007.023 - Map

2007.023 - Map

Map of Whatcom, Skagit and San Juan Counties, showing township boundaries. On back, shows 1930 national census data, and 1930 Washington census data, shipping and postal guide. Printed for and distributed by Bellingham National Bank. LOCATION:

Image of 2004.044 - Map

2004.044 - Map

Mylar map graphically Illustrating the W T Preston's work routes, titled "Range of Puget Sound Snagboats 1883 to Present. Drawn by donor for his Sea Chest magazine article "Heritage of a Snagboat."

Image of fic.0559 - Brochure

fic.0559 - Brochure

Green print brochure and map of places to see and places to go in Anacortes. Produced by Anacortes Chamber of Commerce. Includes church directory and twelve places of interest to go sightseeing around Anacortes.

Image of E.IV.010 - Map

E.IV.010 - Map

Soundings in fathoms at mean lower low water for waters surrounding north Fidalgo Island. This map was created by the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey and updated for lights, beacons, buoys, and dangers as of November 1920. This copy is marked February 21, 1921.

Image of E.IV.029 - Map

E.IV.029 - Map

Oregon Territory Map

Image of E.IV.056 - Map

E.IV.056 - Map

Hand drawn mining map showing the Marblemount Area. This map was created by E. G. Dorr of Skigit (sic) Country Development Co., Anacortes, Washington. Some distances between landmarks are noted, and all of the area is east of Marblemount, particularly along Ruby Creek, Canyon Creek, Slate Creek, and the Skagit River.

E.IV.057 - Map

This early hand drawn map is of Fidalgo Island and the surrounding waters and islands. It extends from just east of "Swinimish Slough" through Allan Island and Burrows Island on the west. The southern border includes just a tip of Whidbey Island; the southern part of Guemes Island creates the northern border. Both the railway bridge and the wagon bridge are shown across Fidalgo Bay. Some parcels have numbers in them, but there is no guide as to their purpose.