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Image of 2006.027.005 - Newspaper

2006.027.005 - Newspaper

8 page newspaper, "SEA HAWK" Anacortes High School, Volume '81-'82, Issue No II, Friday, October 30, 1981. Has articles of Halloween, Opinion columns, Editorial, Centerfold of photographs of the Rolling Stones Rock Music group in concert taken by Wallie V. Funk, and other miscellaneous articles about the school and its happenings.

Image of 1996.032.027.001-.004 - Newspaper

1996.032.027.001-.004 - Newspaper

Newspapers, 4, part of a gift from Losomonov

2002.072.001.009 - Newspaper

Old ANACORTES AMERICAN papers in bindings (very fragile) 1900 = 2002.72.001 1901 = .002 1902 = .003 1903 = .004 1904 = .005 1905 = .006 (1906 not included ) 1907 = .007 (1908 thru 1913 not included) 1914 & 15 = .008 1928 = .009

Image of 2010.044.031 - Newspaper article

2010.044.031 - Newspaper article

Newspaper article from The New York Times, June 17, 1940; the article was written in Ketchikan, Alaska on June 16, 1940; '''ARK' REACHES ALASKA Family of Nine, Seeking Home, Fools Expedrts Who Warned it KETCHIKAN, Alaska, June 16 (AP) --Paul Satko guided his home-made "Ark of Juneau" into Alaskan waters today, fifty-six days after leaving Tacoma to find a new home for his wife and seven children. The cumbersome forty-foot boat is powered with a 1926 automobile engine. Satko, a jobless welder from Richmond, Va., surprised Ketchikan welcoming committees as much as he did send-off committees in Anacortes, Wash., three weeks ago when he set out on the international leg of his pioneeri

Image of 2010.044.032 - Newspaper article

2010.044.032 - Newspaper article

Newspaper article from The New York Times, April 6, 1957; the article was written in Tacoma, Wash., April 5 (AP)-- PAUL SATKO IS DEAD Virginian Who Took Family in 'Ark' to Alaska Was 68 TACOMA, Wash., April 5, (AP)--Paul Satko, who made "Satko's Ark" a byword in the Pacific Northwest sixteen years ago and won nation-wide attention for his rugged individualism, died of a heart attack last night. HIs age was 68. He had been stricken as he rode in a car with one of his sons. The Satkos won wide attention in 1940 when they set out for Alaska in a homemade forty-foot craft that they had towed across the country from Virginia. In addition to navigation troubles, Mr. Sakto defied a court

Image of 2012.044 - Drawing

2012.044 - Drawing

U. S. S. CONSTITUTION (aka Old Ironsides), drawn in chalk on an original issue of the Anacortes Daily Mercury dated July 21, 1933. This was the day the CONSTITUTION was in Anacortes. Drawn by Donald J. Brunson, Sr. Newspaper: 14.55 x 20.25 Framed in wooden frame: 16 x 19.75

Image of 2012.032.004-016 - Newspaper

2012.032.004-016 - Newspaper

Copies of the Anacortes High School newspaper, SEA HAWK. Some of the papers have had articles cut out. Papers include: .004) Vol III, No 2, October 4, 1928 .005) Vol III, No 3, October 18, 1928 .006) Vol III, No 6, December 6, 1928 .007.A,B) Vol V, No 2, October 22, 1930 .008) Vol V, No 3, November 5, 1930 .009,.A,B) Vol V, No 4, November 18, 1930 .010.A,B) Vol V, No V, December 3, 1930 .011) Vol V, No VI, January 6, 1931 .012) Vol V, No VI, January 27, 1931 .013.A,B,C) Vol V, No 10, March 10, 1931 .014) Vol V, No 11, March 24, 1931 .015) Vol V, No 12, April 30, 1931 .016.A,B,C,D) Vol V, No. 13, May 19, 1931

Image of 2012.032.017 - Certificate, Attendance

2012.032.017 - Certificate, Attendance

Certificate of Award, this Certifies that Charlotte Marchand of School district No. 18, Skagit County, Washington, is awarded this Certificate for being NEITHER TARDY NOR ABSENT from School during the term of three months ending February 10, 1931. Given at Anacortes this 4 day of March 1931. Mabel Graham, County Superintendent, D. Cramblitt, teacher"

Image of 2012.042.004 - Newspaper

2012.042.004 - Newspaper

Sea Hawk newspaper, Thursday, March 27, 1930, Vol. IV. No. 12.

Image of 2013.026.013-.017 - Ad, Newspaper

2013.026.013-.017 - Ad, Newspaper

A collection of advertisements from newspapers of unknown date. .013 - Hotel Vendome .014 - Crescent baking powder .015 - Great Northern Railway .016 - Bellingham Bay Transportation Company .017 - Louie Armstrong

Image of 2013.029.010 - Newspaper

2013.029.010 - Newspaper

June 4, 1965, senior issue of THE SEAHAWK -- newspaper of Anacortes High School. Volume XIV, No. 15. Printed on construction paper. Included are Page 1: "Memoirs of a Senior" Pages 2-4: Class Wills Page 5: election results for 1965-66 class and club officers Page 6: senior plans for fall 1965 Pages 7-9: Class Prophecies Page 9: Lions Club and Kiwanis Club students of the month in 1964-65; graduation speakers Page 10: Awards Assembly results Page 11A: pictures of some seniors in elementary school Page 11B: other school news Back Page: "Congratulations Class of 1965" with hand-drawn pictures of a male and female graduate

Image of 2013.035.005.001-.012 - Newspaper

2013.035.005.001-.012 - Newspaper

Anacortes High School Newspaper, SEA HAWK, 1980-1982: .001.A,B) Volume '80 -- '81: Friday, September 26, 1980, Issue 1; ""Seahawk Circle," student-parent group, planned" .002.A,B) Volume '80 -- '81; Friday, October 24, 1980, Issue Number 2; "Homecoming Week, Unity, Enthusiasm Displayed" .003.A,B,C) Volume '80 -- '81; Friday, November 21, 1980, Issue Number 3; "Student takes over, DePaola directs school play" .004.A,B) Volume '80 -- '81; Friday, December 19, 1980, Issue Number 4; "Standing Room Only: Nutcracker Ballet at AHS" .005) Volume '80 -- '81; Thursday, January 15, 1981, Issue Number 5; "Kurt Lang calls it quits!" .006.A,B,C,D) Volume '80 -- '81; Friday, February 27, 1981, Iss

Image of 2012.102.041.001 - Newspaper

2012.102.041.001 - Newspaper

Photocopy of SKAGIT VALLEY HERALD newspaper article dated Saturday, September 9, 1989, LOCAL section, "Bud Strom: Anacortes honors longtime public servant". Re: "... In recognition of Strom's career accomplishments, Anacortes Mayor Jim Rice and the City council declared Friday as "Bud Strom Day",..." From scrapbook by Bud Strom, for the Skagit Valley College Hall of Fame induction

Image of 2012.102.041.004 - Newspaper

2012.102.041.004 - Newspaper

Photocopy of ANACORTES AMERICAN newspaper article dated September 20, 1989, Letters of Thanks from Bud Strom. "Strom grateful for 'fantastic recognition'". See 2012.102.041.001 for information on "Bud Strom Day". From scrapbook by Bud Strom, for the Skagit Valley College Hall of Fame induction

Image of 2013.094.005 - Newspaper

2013.094.005 - Newspaper

The AMERICAN BULLETIN of Anacortes published an article on October 31, 1951, concerning the request for a retrial of William Dildine in a case of second degree assault. NOTE: From the estate of Richard H. Dildine

Image of 2006.030.023 - Newspaper

2006.030.023 - Newspaper

Volume I, Number 6, of THE GUEMES BEACHCOMBER was published April 1, 1916. Lead articles include: "Honeysuckle Historic Farm", "Weatherbeaten Benson A. T. C.", "Prince Rickaby on Long Voyage", "Our Apology to the Theatre", "Athene Club to Give Their First Annual Ball", and "Henry Jackson Promoted." THE BEACHCOMBER was the official paper of Guemes Island and was available by subscription for 5 cents a copy or $1.00 per annum. Charley L. Gant was the editor.

Image of 2014.006.002 - Newspaper

2014.006.002 - Newspaper

The SEATTLE TIMES published a special report December 24, 1985, titled "Washington's Indians. The 26 pages were a compilation of articles printed December 15-20, 1985. The six main divisions are: Pain and Pride Struggle and Survival Courts and Conflicts Heritage and Hope Red Tape and Revival Fatalism and Future

Image of 2014.010.003 - Newspaper

2014.010.003 - Newspaper

The Port of Anacortes (The Backbone of Anacortes), was established in 1926. In December 1994 it issued a newspaper report on commercial fishing. On the front page are copies of salmon labels from White Crest, Apex, and Fidalgo Island canning companies. Articles include the Seafarer's Memorial, ship building, yacht sales, seafood processing and sales, Skyline Marina, a diagram of a fish trap, and Puget Sound Rope.

Image of 2014.007.003.001-.002 - Newspaper

2014.007.003.001-.002 - Newspaper

THE SHINGLE WEAVER was a monthly newspaper put out by the Washington/Oregon District of the Council of Shingleweavers. The January 1940 issue contained articles from around western Washington, most of which reported a lack of work. .001 - the newspaper .002 - article from .001 from the Anacortes local by Rev. R. Molker bemoaning a shingle agreement with British Columbia, announcing the deaths of George A. Moore and George A. Anderson, and reporting the election of officers - president, E. J. Smith; vice-president Frank Verrall; corresponding secretary, Sam Broadbent; financial secretary, Claude Verrall; treasurer, Verne Funk; warden, James Milcowski; conductor, Robert Cousens and trustee

Image of 2014.007.004.001 - Newspaper

2014.007.004.001 - Newspaper

The February 25, 1961, edition of the SKAGIT VALLEY HERALD was devoted to a progress report for Skagit County. The front page had a large valentine with pictures of a cow, a swimming area (lake?), a lumber jack, a fishing boat, Rainbow Bridge in La Conner, the docks at March's Point, mountains, and agriculture.