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Image of B.III.002 - Book

B.III.002 - Book

"Songs of the Sea", by Charley Gant, printed by the ANACORTES AMERICAN. Charley lived on Guemes Island, and was writer, editor and publisher of the newspaper, "the Beachcomber" and the "Tillicum"

Image of 2014.011.015 - Book

2014.011.015 - Book

"Fire, Fire on the Ceiling" is a collection of student poetry from Anacortes Public Schools compiled in June 1975. The Anacortes Cultural Education Program was made possible through grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Washington State Arts Commission, the Anacortes Pop-n-Art Series and Anacortes School District No. 103. Michael Magee worked with students at all grades who created the poems. The book is spiral bound.

Image of 2014.011.011 - Book

2014.011.011 - Book

"Chrysalis" is a compilation of poems, art, and short stories created by Anacortes High School students in 1975. This is volume 2. Mrs. Thelma Palmer was the advisor.

Image of 2014.011.006 - Book

2014.011.006 - Book

"Solace" is a compilation of poems, art, and short stories created by Anacortes High School students in Spring 2001. It was edited by Nick "Tex" Strizic and dedicated to Peggy Urstad. Contributors were Paul Daughtry, J.A. Bartelli, Kevin Miller, Sutherland Stattz, Zane Mehl, Adam Mikkelborg, Nick Tex Strizic, Garrett Lewis, Sam Winston, Riley Market, Hannah Nolan, Nick Miller, Chase Bacitich, Shawnee Stroud, Mary Nystrom, Kate Robison, Jesse James O'Clock, Jason Howard, and Amber Johnson.

Image of 2015.025.001-.002 - Poem

2015.025.001-.002 - Poem

Trevor Kyle used to walk the Washington Park loop where he met Hallie Werner and they became friends. These poems were given to him by Werner, except for the haiku which Kyle wrote. .001 A collection of 9 pages of poetry written by Harold "Hallie" Werner, consisting of: page 1 - Introduction page 2 - "As I walked along the sea shore...." written in March 1934 for English, Period II and another that is untitled; first line is "This is for Linda and Larry...". page 3 - "Love of the Sea" page 4 - "An Old Salt" page 5 - "Shadows on the Moon" page 6 - "Honeysuckle Lane" page 7 - "Remembering the City by the Sea", and "In My Garden of Dreams" page 8 - "Is It the Wicked Widow?" and "N

Image of 2016.024.003 - Book

2016.024.003 - Book

"Fidalgo Treasures, A Collection from the Fidalgo Literary Society" was published in 1994. "The Fidalgo Literary Society is a tongue-in-cheek name for the Creative Writing Class which has met for approximately fifteen years at the Anacortes Senion Center. During that time, the class has fluctuated in size and has had a number of instructors. They have inspired us to write on a regular basis and explore a variety of styles." The book has three sections: Fidalgo Focus, Wednesday 10 AM, and In Memory. There is a mixture of prose and poetry.

Image of 2016.036 - Book

2016.036 - Book

"Shack Medicine" is a book of poetry by Robert Sund. It was printed on Guemes Island by Lane Parks.