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Image of 2007.044 - Quilt

2007.044 - Quilt

Handmade quilt by friends of Berniece Culver for newborn daughter Rose in 1932. Quilt is of various colors of salmon, orange, pink and white with 8"-diameter circles filled with tiny brown polka dots. Topside of quilt has a yellow circular stain over the name Mrs. A. Strom. Bottom panels are pink and salmon-colored. The names of the 42 Guemes Island women who worked on the quilt are embroidered onto it: Elsie Zahner, Eva Frang, Mrs. Fuller, Mrs. Merchant, Mrs. Hayden, C. Showalter, Dorothy Magill, Lenor Magill, Mrs. B. Colbert, Mrs. Bill Bessner, Fannie Causland, C. D. Gould, Mrs. A. Strom, Mrs. Padvon, Mrs. Rinehart, Mrs. Ella Cox, Elma Rice, Helen Coffelt, Rosa St. Andre, Mrs. Wall, M

Image of 2010.020.016 - Stretcher, Cloth

2010.020.016 - Stretcher, Cloth

Wooden stretcher for bedspread, quilts, cloth, etc to set out to keep shape while drying. Was in the house at 719 37th Street.

Image of 2016.080 - Quilt

2016.080 - Quilt

Sunbonnet quilt, primarily white and lavender, made by Bernice (Schneider) Pratt's sister-in-law Ardath Schneider and Ardath's mother Della Young for Bernice's graduation from Anacortes High School in 1936. The quilt is hand-quilted. It has 42 embroidered and appliqued 7.75" x 7.75" blocks; 1.25" sashing; and two plain borders -- 1.25" and 5". Straight grain binding; front to back. Edge is straight, no embellishment. Cotton materials and thread. 6-7 quilting stitches per inch; quilting design is Dresden plate and 4-pointed stars.

Image of I.I.004 - Quilt

I.I.004 - Quilt

Crazy quilt, silk pieces. 56"x 64". Lined with dyed flour-sack material, bound edges. Pieces include two ribbons: One a slate of candidates for the Citizen's Ticket with George F. Kyle for Mayor (Kyle was elected first mayor of Anacortes, but did not serve because of a yearlong delay in incorporation) and the other for the Seventh Department Convention, Women of the G.A.R., in Blaine, Wash. Election ribbon c. 1890; Ladies G.A.R. ribbon probably 1902. All hand sewn. Marked "Norine Kasch Fulmer" in ink.

Image of I.I.005 - Quilt

I.I.005 - Quilt

Silk Quilt. 2,444 tiny hexagonal pieces, hand pieced, feather stitch along edge between border and pieces to couch sections together with cotton embroidery thread. Allover quilt style, no blocks, no filling, no quilting. Beige lace border; lace is scalloped. Corners gathered where they meet. Straight grain binding, turned in. Self binding. Wool challis backing, 4 pieces, badly moth-eaten. Colors are fairly masculine and suggest old neckties. Donated 1/21/78

Image of 2002.010.009.002-.005 - Red Cross quilt raffle

2002.010.009.002-.005 - Red Cross quilt raffle

In the 1980s the American Red Cross in Anacortes created a scrapbook on red construction paper of various activities in which they were involved. These four articles are from that scrapbook. .002 - "Object of fundraising efforts for the Anacortes Chapter of the American Red Cross this month is this quilt, handmade by Frances Canary of Anacortes who is shown here with it in the lobby of Peoples Bank. The quilt, on display this month at the bank , will be awarded to a lucky person at the Red Cross 'Hobo Ball' April 15." .003 - The Red Cross in 1985 raised money through garage sales, "Swim-a-Cross", the "Hobo Ball", among other activities. Seen in the news photo are (l-r) Irish LaCroix, Be