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Image of 2006.085.006 - Contract

2006.085.006 - Contract

One page contract titled: TEACHER'S CONTRACT, District No. 18 Schools, Anacortes, Washington. This contract was witnessed on the fourth of May 1928 for Jay Dishnow for 9.5 months of work for the sum of $ 1,200. It measures 8 1/4 x 13 7/8".

Image of 2010.028.001-.002 - Magazine

2010.028.001-.002 - Magazine

Magazine used by Jean Faith Perry [later Mrs. Ray B. Lowman] while she was a teacher in Anacortes. "The School-Arts Magazine", Henry Turner Bailey, Editor, The School Arts Publishing Company, Offices, 120 Boylston Street, Boston, Massachusetts; subscription price, $2.00 per year. .001) Volume XII, December, 1912, Number 4 .002) Vol. XII, No. 5, January, 1913, Price 25 cents 9.75" x 6.75"

Image of 2010.040.001-.004 - Scrapbook

2010.040.001-.004 - Scrapbook

.001) 1953-1954 scrapbook "Anacortes Elementary PTA, Anacortes, Washington". It is very artfully done month-by-month on the workings of the PTA. Sections include "outside publicity", "inside publicity" and "officers". President, Grace Earle; Outside Publicity, Lois Prothero; Indise Publicity, Barbara Swapp, Record Book Chairman, Lois Prothero. Shows the activities of the school May through April. Has clippings from the newspaper and a few photographs. Missing the month of July (no school in July). There are 2 "Award of Merit" (.002 + .003) inside front cover of the scrapbook reading, "Award of Metit, This Record Book was exhibited a the 41st annual Convention of the Washington Congre

Image of 2010.036.002 - Yearbook

2010.036.002 - Yearbook

1941 Anacortes High School (AHS) yearbook/annual, Rhododendron. A lot of signatures/messages written inside from classmates and friends.

Image of 2010.036.001 - Certificate, Confirmation

2010.036.001 - Certificate, Confirmation

Envelope and confirmation booklet titled "Keep My Commandments". Inside the booklet can be found "The Certificate of your Confirmation in the Christian Faith as it is confessed by the Evangelical Luthern Church", for Adella June Elvebak, dated May 29, 1938. States that she was baptized on December 6, 1923, at the Anacortes Norwegian Lutheran Church.

Image of 2012.032.019-.020 - Notebook - news

2012.032.019-.020 - Notebook - news

Looseleaf Note Book For Looseleaf Current Topics, Issued Every School Week. Contains information for class study about items happening and historical happenings. .019) September 1927 - January 1928; .020) January - May 1928

Image of 2012.032.021-.022 - Notebook - news

2012.032.021-.022 - Notebook - news

Looseleaf English Notebook for CURRENT LITERATURE Organized Studies of Living Writers and Their Works .021) From September 1928 to January 1929 .022) From January 18, 1929 to June 4, 1929 Both belonged to Charlotte A. Marchand, Sophomore English

Image of 2013.079.002 - Pamphlet

2013.079.002 - Pamphlet

Pamela R. McCunn of Governor Isaac Stevens Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution wrote this report in October 2013. Using the resources of the Anacortes Museum, she reported on "Fidalgo Island & Anacortes School Teachers & Schools, The Early Years." Teachers mentioned include Almina Richards Griffin, Sarah Jane (Jennie) Richards Howard, Cora Rowland Allmond, and Gladys Irene Brown Funk. There are also pages on Fidalgo School on March's Point and the Columbian School.

Image of 2016.082.002-.005 - Directory

2016.082.002-.005 - Directory

School directories. .002 - Educational Service District #108, 1976-1977 .003 - Skagit County Schools - 1963-1964 .004 - Skagit County Schools - 1966-1967 .005 - Skagit County Schools - 1968-1969

Image of 2016.083.002 - Book

2016.083.002 - Book

"Picturesque Washington" includes art sketches and research by Byron MacPherson and was published by Pioneer Publishing Company of Seattle in 1945. The inside page is stamped "Whitney School" and has a Dewey Decimal system number at the bottom of the page, so it probably was located in the library.

Image of 2011.011.009 - Fountain, Drinking

2011.011.009 - Fountain, Drinking

Head of a drinking fountain that was used at Columbian School. Is shaped like a ball, screws into the piping where the water comes out to drink. [NOTE: the 1st prototype by Haws was a ball from the post of a bed] In the portion that screws into the fountain, there are three holes through which the water travels to enable it to be drunk. Made by the Haws Drinking Faucet, Berekely, Cal, U.S.A. Pat. Feb. 20, 1911. Made of procelain or ceramic and metal. in 1933 the Haws Sanitary Drinking Faucet company dropped the "sanitary" from it's name, so this can be dated after that time frame.

Image of 2000.017.001 - BETTY - built by Bill Lowman at AHS

2000.017.001 - BETTY - built by Bill Lowman at AHS

"My Boat built at Anacortes High School in 1932" Boat says" Betty-M 688". Built by Bill Lowman and friend.

Image of 2000.022.006 - Dewey School kids 1910

2000.022.006 - Dewey School kids 1910

"Dewey School Pupils and their teacher 1910" Originally belonged to Teresa Rogers now deceased.

Image of 2000.022.007 - Dewey School classmates 1911

2000.022.007 - Dewey School classmates 1911

"Dewey School Pupils and their teachers 1911" Originally belonged to Teresa Rogers now deceased.

Image of 2002.004.004.001 - Anacortes High School  1911

2002.004.004.001 - Anacortes High School 1911

Originally 3 postcards glued to black paper; all were separated and entered as 2002.004.001.001-.003. This card is of the Anacortes High School. School has bell tower, fence around the school; is made of brick. Can see children walking in a line from the front of the school up the steps to the interior.

Image of 2002.123.015.A,B -

2002.123.015.A,B -

Dewey School Class on steps of front of school; Teacher Bernard Jacobus. Top row: Chester Thomson, Hazel Symonds, Bessie Symonds, Ruth Elvebak, Palma Elvebak, Clarence Horn, LeElla Miller, Walter Elvebak, Mabel Miller, Mildred Curry, Robert Miller, Harvey Moen. Second row: Gilbert Olson, Sigler Moen, Ivan Olson, Harold Elvebak, Claude Tripp. 3rd Row: Arthur Symonds, Edith Torpey, Bob Chitwood, Agnes Elvebak. Bottom row: Harriet Horn, Helen Elvebak, Jay Thomson, Dorothy Kuhn, Pearl Steele.

Image of D.II.152 - Marineer's Pageant 1947

D.II.152 - Marineer's Pageant 1947

PTA (Parent Teachers Association) float made in the plans of Central Grade School model, "Forward Together We Build New Horizons" on the side of the float; from the Luvera album. Marineers' Pageant parade, 1947.

Image of D.III.029.A,B -

D.III.029.A,B -

Mrs. Wilts' grade school class. The school is unknown, but probably Columbian or Nelson. The image was taken in a photographer's studio. Top row L to R: Clarence Lampman, Nina McCrae, Miss Wilts, Gaston Walker, Marie Williams. Middle Row: Henry Trafton, Will McCracken, Ethel Walker, Irving Blumberg, Lester, Gould, Ella Lowman. Bottom Row: Nellie Swanson, Gwendolyn Radenbaugh, Kitty Brown, Bessie Swanson.

Image of WF Location: Guemes Islan - Guemes Island School c1950s

WF Location: Guemes Islan - Guemes Island School c1950s

Guemes Island School first held in a log cabin near the present ferry landing on the island, c.1873. In the Octoberf 10, 1885 issue of the NORTHWEST ENTERPRISE, it was reported that William Edens donated an acre of land for Guemes School; :A neat and comfortable new school house, 20 by thirty feet in size has been erected neasr the centre of Guemes Island on the farm of Wm. Edens, who has donated an acre of land for the purpose. The house was built by subscription, except $160.00 contributed from the public school fund, the ranchers donating from $1 to $20, each, in work or money. It is neatly finished, with rustic outside, and ceiled within, and speaks well for the public spirit of the is

Image of WF 0659 - Guemes Island school

WF 0659 - Guemes Island school

Student body of Guemes Island School, District 21, 1934-35. Back Row - Henry Hammill, Clarence Rolph 2nd Row from back - Don Cockron, Bud Strom, Jeff Wooten, Gordon Showalter, Olive Strom, Jeanne Williamson, Louise Merchant, Louis Padovan, Elaine Stirckland 3rd Row - Alma Zehner, Leonard Penter, Earl Blackinton, Iris Forrester, Helen Dolph 2nd row from front - Earl Sherman, Ray Forrester, George Pinnio, ? Wooten Front Row - Alice Strom, ? Wooten, Ben Dolph, Marvin Shoultz, Jim Kager Gordon Showalter grew up to become a well-known dancer and choreographer; see WF 4699. Bud Strom became mayor of Anacortes in 1960; see WF 0660. The Guemes Island School District consolid