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Image of 2015.090.001-.002 - Vase, Flower

2015.090.001-.002 - Vase, Flower

2 crystal flower vases c.1902. Painted white daisy flowers and some leaves and rim are in gold. Black design used to be gold but has worn off where vase has had hands touch the paint through usage. upper half has a violet background where the bottom is clear. Belonged to Nellie Geer and Jonas "Pop" Amsberry who owned Amsberry Cafe on Commercial, then moved to the SW corner of the New Wilson Hotel with a candy counter, then moved 2 doors south until retirement in the 1960s. 1934 Amsberry's Confectionery 508 Commercial 1939 Amsberry Cafe 508 Commercial 1937, 1941 Amsberry Coffee Shop & Cafe 508 Commercial [Jonas "Elmer" (Nellie) Owner; Frank W. (Thelma E.) c

Image of fic.0826 - vase

fic.0826 - vase

Rectangular grey ceramic vase with red bird and branch in center. On bottom - "McCoy, USA".

Image of fic.0827 - vase

fic.0827 - vase

Small hobnail glass vase with ruffled edge. Donated by Allmond.

Image of fic.0828 - vase

fic.0828 - vase

Large two-tone brown pottery vase.

Image of J.XIX.012 - vase

J.XIX.012 - vase

Blue painted pottery vase - urn shaped with two handles on the sides. ABINGDON USA on bottom. Design is pressed in. Has crack on lower bowl.

Image of J.XIX.013 - vase

J.XIX.013 - vase

White pottery vase with a fluted top. Pressed in design and two handles on the sides. McCoy label. Donated by Lowman.

Image of J.XIX.007 - vase

J.XIX.007 - vase

Large glass blue and white vase. Resembles cut glass with the incisions clear and the rest blue. Small chip on edge of bottom of vase. Donated by Allmond.

Image of J.XIX.009 - vase

J.XIX.009 - vase

Green pottery vase in the shape of a "V". The square base has "... _", the Morse Code for "V". On the bottom is "Poppy Trail, Made in California, USA". Small chip on one corner of the base, and a larger chip at the top on the "V". Note: During World War II it was common to honk a car horn using the Mose Code ..._. Also, at that time many people would flash the "V" for victory hand signal to one another.

Image of J.XIX.010 - vase

J.XIX.010 - vase

White hobnail milk glass vase. Wide edge is scalloped and ruffled.

J.XIX.011 - vase

Green variegated glass vase, hand blown. Deeply scalloped edge, circular glass base. Possibly made at Anacortes Glass Factory.

Image of WF 6076.027 -

WF 6076.027 -

Matte boards of images used in the exhibit "At a 250th of a Second", held September 1 through October 2, 1994. These photographs (on the matte boards) are by Wallie Funk and showcasing his work. WF 6076.027 ... Two photos from WVF's 1980 trip to China

Image of WF 6648.001-.007 - Antonius Garden and Flowers

WF 6648.001-.007 - Antonius Garden and Flowers

Ivar Antonius owned Anacortes Feed, Seed, and Floral with his wife, Nina. The 8-3-1950 ANACORTES AMERICAN reported that Ivar and Nina Antonius had purchased the Peterson Building at 401 - 403 Commercial and were converting the structure to a one-story building for their Anacortes Feed, Seed, and Floral store. Prior to that, their business had been located on Commercial Avenue between 3rd and 4th Street. Both Ivar and Nina were very active in community affairs. It appears that Ivar ran the garden and seeds while Nina concentrated on the floral side of the business. .001 - .003 - vases and china for sale .004 - .005 - seeds for sale .006 - flower arrangement .006 - Antonius Garden and Flo