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Catalog Number WF 6076
Description Matte boards of images used in the exhibit "At a 250th of a Second", held September 1 through October 2, 1994. The exhibit was held at Northwest Departures Gallery, in the old Great Northern Train Depot, Anacortes. These photographs (on the matte boards) are by Wallie Funk and showcasing his work. (One panel (#.018) is still in the hands of Wallie V. Funk [Jr.] - musicians i.e. Mick Jagger and the Beatles as of 11-02-2011).

NOTE: Boards 1 - 7 contain photographs taken in Anacortes. The rest are from his world-wide tours. Boards 8-23 and .033 have negatives stored in the refrigerator in the PHOTO room.

WF 6076.001...Title board: "At a 250th of a Second, A Photographic Retrospective by Wallie Funk, Sept. 1 through October 2, 1994, Northwest Departures Gallery". This board features a photo of Wallie taking a photograph (one of his favorite shots). Image was taken during Funk's trip to China in 1980.
WF 6076.002 ... 9 photos of children, taken in Anacortes, China, and on Whidbey Island.
WF 6076.003 ... 12 portraits all from Whidbey Island, Wallie's travels, except one. The image of Swinomish Chairman Robert Joe at the Swinomish Bingo Hall is part of the Funk Collection donated to the Anacortes Museum and placed into that file.
WF 6076.004 ... 7 photos of Bobo the gorilla from Anacortes. All donated to the Anacortes Museum as part of the main Funk collection
WF 6076.005 ...12 images of buildings and architecture taken in Anacortes, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Montana, North Dakota, and Winthrop. The photographs of the falling-down house and the Anacortes Hotel in snow are part of the Funk Collection donated to the Anacortes Museum and put into those files.
WF 6076.006 ... 9 photos of children: only one from Guemes, remainder are Whidbey Island
WF 6076.007 ... 12 photos of fish, shark, crabs, seal pup, etc., taken in Anacortes and on Whidbey Island. The photos of the crabs and seal pup are part of the Funk Collection donated to the Anacortes Museum.
WF 6076.008 ...10 photos of animals.
WF 6076.009 ... 9 photos of Wallie's 1985 trip to Thailand
WF 6076.010 ... 9 photos of Wallie's 1983 trip to Egypt, Israel and Rome, Italy.
WF 6076.011... Black cat in Rome's Coliseum, taken during WVF's trip to Italy.
WF 6076.012 ... Hawk suspended on barbed wire, Whidbey Island
WF 6076.013 ...16 photographs of 1964 Democratic National Convention, held in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Funk was sent to cover the convention by the Scripps League. He recalled: "this trip, to cover the Democratic National Convention, happened because I was unhappy with the sale of the paper" [referring to the sale of the ANACORTES AMERICAN. ] "We had merged with the SKAGIT VALLEY HERALD in 1962 and 2 years later, after merging, the Scripps League bought out the combined interests of the SKAGIT VALLEY HERALD and the ANACORTES AMERICAN. At that time, the publisher of the SVH was Malcom "Mack" Glover: Wallie Funk and John Webber were co-publishers of the ANACORTES AMERICAN. Scripps took over in 1964 and to get me out of the way, I was really one unhappy camper, they decided to send me back to Atlantic City of cover the Democratic National Convention for the 24 different newspapers in the western states that were part of the Scripps League Chain. I missed the plane in Chicago, my clothes and camera were on another plane. I actually began to hyperventilate I was so upset about it. Had to breathe into a paper bag! I got to New York, missed my connection to Atlantic City and had to take a bus down. I finally got to the convention and they couldn't find my press credentials. I was desperate. A Miss Gallagher was manning the press table and she said, "I'll tell you what I'll do, I'll give you a press pass that's good for one hour." I started madly taking pictures from each of the various delegations that had a newspaper I was covering for, Washington, Idaho, Arizona, etc. I went back to the press table in an hour and Miss Gallagher was shocked because she didn't expect me to come back. She then gave me a full, unlimited press pass. For three days and nights I worked around the clock, and getting the material mailed off to the various papers. The convention had a Kodak Versimat downstairs that instantly developed the photos so I got the first roll developed right away to make sure they were okay. It was. I was taking photos only with the available light, no flash." [WVF Oral History WF-OH-6, February 13, 2002]
WF 6076.014 ...11 photos of textures: wood, shells, spider webs, ice, horseshoes, etc.
WF 6076.015 ... 9 photographs of Expo 86 in Vancouver B.C.
WF 6076.016 ... 11 photos of Funk's 1980 trip to China
WF 6076.017 ... 9 photos of windows. None on Fidalgo/Guemes Islands.
WF 6076.018 ... 9 photos of the Beatles [rock music group, Seattle 1966], 4 of Mick Jagger [Seattle].
WF 6076.019 ... 14 photos of U. S. Presidents: Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter.
WF 6076.020 ... 9 photos of military installations: Oak Harbor Naval base and military in Thailand
WF 6076.021 ... 9 photographs of old vehicles: close-ups of detail on cars.
WF 6076.022 ... 9 photos of Seattle street Fairs: U District and Fremont Street Fair
WF 6076.023 ... 12 miscellaneous photos: dog, scenics, turkeys, distorted Jesus Saves, skull, bow of ship, ironing hair.
WF 6076.024 ... 8 photos of tombstones at Sunnyside Cemetery, Knight Smith funeral, Ah Soot's gravesite; all taken on Whidbey Island
WF 6076.025 ... sign for men's bathroom at photo exhibit. This sign features a 1964 WVF photograph of President Lyndon Johnson sitting down.
WF 6076.026 ... Photographs of Little Cranberry Lake, Anacortes. [see catalogue entry for these images in WVF's 1950-2002 images under Anacortes Views: Parks] Some of these photos were run in an article by Wallie Funk on Cranberry Lake, in The SEATTLE TIMES Pictorial section, December 19, 1959. These July 26,1959, photos and negatives are part of the collection donated to the Anacortes Museum.
WF 6076.027 ... Two photos from WVF's 1980 trip to China
WF 6076.028 ... Large photograph of footprints in sand, Whidbey Island
WF 6076.029 ... 9 images of flowers
WF 6076.030 ...11 portraits of people. Two photos of children from the Swinomish Tribe were donated to the Anacortes Museum as part of the main Funk collection
WF 6076.031 ... 13 photos of whale catch on Penn Cove
WF 6076.032 ... 9 photos of sporting events, crowds. Only one photo is from Anacortes and is part of the Funk main collection donated to the Anacortes Museum
WF 6076.033 ...16 photos of Anacortes Arts and Crafts Festival. All donated to the Anacortes Museum as part of the Funk Collection

Mattes WF 6076.001-.007 have no negatives but do have a copy snapshot and photos taken in Anacortes.
Date 1994
Photographer FUNK, Wallie Valentine [Jr]
Collection Wallie Funk Collection
Subjects People
Credit line Donated by Wallie Funk, Wallie Funk Collection
People FUNK, Wallie Valentine [Jr.]
Place Anacortes, WA
Search Terms 250th of a Second, At
Great Northern Depot
Northwest Departures Gallery
Object Name Print, Photographic