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Catalog Number WF 6035.001-.003
Caption Welcoming Charlie Jee Woo Funk June 2000
Description Color montage of photographs of Wallie V. Funk and wife Mary Ann's grandchildren Casey and Charlie Funk, adopted sons of Mark and Pam Funk. On the back of the page of photos is a family letter announcing the arrival of Charlie Jee Woo Funk, upon his arrival to the Funk family on June 20, 2000.

The letter reads: "July 2, 2000, "My God, he's a little Elvis!" these were Pam's first words upon seeing baby Charlie, whose long, thick hair sticks straight up into a three-inch pompadour-like wave over his forehead. He looks like he should be wearing a white sequined jacket and belting out, "Don't be Cruel." His top lip even curls up a little when he smiles.
Five-month-old Charlie joins big brother Casey, who is 2 years and 4 months, and dog Tom, who is 16 and very tolerant. With their mini-van now full, the Funks can finally say their family is complete.
Besides having hair The King would envy, Charlie possesses a sweet, mellow disposition. He cheerfully put up with all the camera flashes, cooing and cuddling at the airport Jun 20, despite having just spent more than nine hours on a plane. There to greet him at Sea-Tac Airport were some 20 people: family members, friends, several neighborhood children and two other Korean adoptees. In fact, Charlie is the 11th adopted child on our block.
All the kids got disposable cameras to capture the baby's arrival, and they did so with paparazzi zeal. The two photographs with this announcement were among the best of the pile, which included several shots of fingers and thumbs, half a dozen self portraits and a close-up of a chair.
Charlie comes to Seattle and the Funk family from southwest Korea. He was born January 25 to an unmarried couple in their 30s and placed with a foster family. "Jee Woo," his given Korean name, means "wisdom help." The Funks have no doubt that they will be learning a lot from this kid. The brief biography they received from Korea describes both of Charlie's parents as "extroversive".
He was a smash hit at his first big social occasion: the marriage July 1 of Mark's brother, Carl, to Mara Dralle at the Funks' beach house on Guemes Island. Charlie, who had just been fed, let a loose a healthy belch while the couple exchanged their vows.
He is a very verbal child, gurgling away in baby-ese. In that way, he's unlike his brother, who used to quietly contemplate his surrounds before he turned 2. Like his brother, Charlie sleeps and eats like a champ, and cries only when he's hungry or wants to be picked up. All of which leaves Pam and Mark wondering what they did to deserve not one, but two healthy and good-natured little boys.
Casey has had a few jealous moments, particularly when dad is holding Charlie, but he's been a good sibling for the most part. He's very affectionate with Charlie, hugging and kissing him and calling him by name.
Tom also has reacted well to this disruption in his life. He licks the baby, possibly because he likes him, but more likely because Charlie tastes like milk.
In their first week of being the parents of two, the Funks have had to adjust to a heightened level of clutter and chaos. When both kids are crying, they sound like a couple of yowling cats. Mark refers to this duet as "The Casey and Charlie Scorched Cat Chorus". Pam has discovered that she could be doing housework 24-7, but now lets things pile up until she can get to them.
Life is too short, and they grow up way too fast."

.001 photograph of this page is of Pam McGaffin and her new son, Charlie Jee Woo Funk.
.002 photograph is of Mark Funk, Charlie and his brother Casey. Child to the left of the photo is unidentified. These were taken upon Charlie's arrival at SeaTac Airport, Seattle, WA.
Date 2000 June 20
Collection Wallie Funk Collection
Subjects People
Home Life
Credit line Donated by Wallie Funk, Wallie Funk Collection
People ADAMS, Florence
FUNK, Casey Jin Kyoo
FUNK, Charlie Jee Woo
FUNK, Mark
Place Anacortes, WA
Search Terms grandchild
Object Name Print, Photographic